White paper cranes [part 2]
Title: White paper cranes [part 2]
Author: [info]limmet
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: 2min
Summary: He's a dreamer so all he has are hopes and wishes. And there's the busy, hectic guy, that never has time to watch the world that passes by him.

[part 1]

White paper cranes ( part II)


   The dim autumn sun made its way through the curtains, bringing with it the morning. The time when everyone woke up, either with quick moves, going for their early jogging or preferred to lay down for another half an hour in their comfy, warm bed enjoying the effects of sleep and how tranquilizing it was for their body and psychic.

Minho wasn’t like that though, when autumn came he used to do only one thing in the morning. He stood still and looked outside the window.

The season brought with it warm, beautiful colors, that were all over the place, from shades or deep bright red, to the light brown. But with each passing day everything was fading, from the falling leaves that left their home, the trees, leaving them in a lonesome despair. If you just stood still for a moment, you could hear through the breeze sighs of grief. Everything was dying slowly, or you could say it was just a short parting until they will meet again. We all must part eventually, even so, now, at this moment, the nature itself echoed with sadness. Everything would go eventually in a deep slumber when winter will come.


 Minho got up slowly from his bed. He had his own house now, it was big but at these early hours it seemed a little bit too big. The room was neatly decorated in a warm comforting blue, which stimulated his daydreaming state, wherever he felt like falling back from reality. A huge bed with dazzling white sheets occupied the room, there were two night tables on each side of the bed with two white swam like lights. On one of them there was a book and a pair of glasses due to the late night reading and beside those items there was a small origami figure, a bird, a white paper crane.

Minho finally stood up from the bed, touched the wings of the crane gently, as if he was caressing them, stroking them. His lips curled into a warm smile filled with nostalgia, he took the folded paper in his palm and went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.

 The machine was the only sound that echoed throughout the entire house, that’s one of the reasons Minho disliked being awake at 6 in the morning. Everything was still, motionless, filled by an overwhelming silence. He dismissed it, his hands and eyes too occupied with the crane.  That plain piece of paper held unforgotten memories, of sorrow and grief, of happiness and friendship.


  A small drop of water made Minho turn his gaze to the window. The sky had a beautiful, mellow shade of grey and deep blue, taking over the light. It was a calming morning scenery. The leaves were flying, taken by the powerful wind, as if they were preparing for a chaotic dance, held in the middle of the storm.

 As the coffee was made, with precise moves Minho took his cup, poured the liquid in as the warm scent of the coffee bens filled his senses, waking him up from slumber but deepening him into his morning reverie. His feet walked forward to the big windowsill from the bedroom. He placed the cup on the small table and took a seat, gazing at the view.

 The silence was filled with the enchanting sounds of the storm. Rain drops hit the window; the wind was blowing harshly, the creaking branches moved up and down dancing with colorful leaves. They were swinging back and forth, up and down, each one of them fallowing the other, not even once making a mistake. They were blown by the wind who was the leader of the entire waltz.

 Minho watched the beauty of nature in awe, everything was so enchanting, so surreal, reminding him of old unforgotten memories. His fingers played with the paper crane, the cup of coffee resting beside him.

 He remembered clearly what happened 10 years ago, after he met the fairy from the forgotten park, on an autumn exactly like this one, in a rainy day…


10 years ago


 Since that day, they committed to meet every morning when the sun rose and every afternoon when Minho’s classes would end, enjoying every second with each other. It wasn’t love, although Taemin’s heart skipped a beat sometimes when Minho slightly touched his bangs moving them out of his eyes, or when Minho smiled widely, grabbing him by the waist to keep him warm, burring his face into his neck.

 They became more and more attached to each other, talking about reality and the imaginary worlds that surrounded them. To Taemin the outside world seemed magical, imagines materializing in front of his eyes as Minho described vehemently night bars, clubs, his high school, teachers, class mates. For the one who was talking everything seemed dull and boring.

“ Are you sure you’re not faking interest?”

“ It’s like I’m listening to a new story from The Grimm Brothers in a Korean version’ Taemin said excited, a wide smile on his face. “ Why did you stop? Continue!”

 In those moments he looked like a small child, eyes bright, his teeth were white, as he clutched on Minho’s arm, laughing, chuckling.


“ You know… you’re weird” Minho said in an afternoon, as they stayed in silence, admiring the sunset.

“ Nothing new in that” Taemin replied, leaning into Minho’s shoulder, seeking for warmth.

“ No… I didn’t mean in that way. It’s just that… were you serious when you said you never went to a public nor private school before? “

 The latter nodded his head.

“ Why would I lie? Your world seems so interesting, you’re lucky to have the chance to live in it. It’s enchanting, exactly like Anderson’s stories. ”

“ It’s not my world, you live in it too. If you would just leave this park and explore a little bit.” Minho patted the boy’s caramel hair.

 The slim one stood up from the bench and started to swirl, eyes flying loosely around his body, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of freedom.

 “ I have everything I ever wanted here, and so much more. I don’t think the trees would let me leave them.  “ he stopped, looking at Minho, hands in his pockets. “ Can’t you hear the echo of the wind? It’s talking… I wouldn’t give this up. The stories that this park holds are far more precious to me. “ He smiled, that charming smile that no one could resist.

“ See you tomorrow! Same hour, same place!” Taemin shouted running, stopping at a large distance, his silhouette could still be seen, waving his thin arms as the large, long jacked hanged loosely around his slim body.

“ Did he lost weight?” was Minho’s thought. But he dismissed it shortly, throwing it in a forgotten corner of his mind, waving goodbye to the last ray of sunshine that disappeared from his sight.


 Minho wasn’t the only one who talked on their meeting. In spite of Taemin’s almost nonexistent social life, he was an amazing story teller. He loved to create, to imagine, and so every word that left his lips entangled itself with the one before, creating enchanting sceneries, of battles between trolls, and wizards, witches and eerie creatures. He could describe so easily each hideout of every single being that lurked around the park, and in his mind everything became bigger that it surpassed the sky itself. From small tiny people, so small that even the ants were 10 times bigger then them.

“ How can you see them then?” Minho inquired.

“ You must want from the bottom of your heart to see them, and they will show themselves to you. “ Taemin responded.

He talked about dragons, elves, brownies, pixies, fairies, spirits, doves and Gods. The last two of them seemed the most strangest to Minho since they were the only one’s that still had a string that held them to reality.

“ How do you know they exist?” the boy interrupted the building of a sky castle, while the 2 millions soldieries were working vehemently at the king’s orders. The oak tree in front of them looked indeed as if it could touch the sky and even surpass it, but it wasn’t a castle, it was in the end just a plain, old oak tree and it didn’t have the power to metamorphosis. It would just remain like that until its death.

“You just have to believe they exist and they do” Taemin scoffed.  “Can’t you see the soldiers? Their pain and sorrow, oh look, one of them injured his arm! But no one looks at him, they continue to do their job… “

“ They’re just ants Taemin” Minho replied.

“ He looks pitiful.” the latter rose and helped the ant with its crumb of bread, placing it on its back. “ Have you ever wondered why are people so cruel? Why do they look only at their own path, too afraid to help anyone, to act for themselves, to think on their own? I think ants resemble us in all the ways. “

 It was sunset again, shadows lurking slowly into the park, making their way in front of every living or unliving soul that held a material form and had a purpose on earth.  In the dim light of the fading sun and the trickery shadows, why did Taemin look like the only thing that didn’t held a shadow? He turned on his feet slowly, the same fake smile plastered on his face. But something was wrong, something was going on. Yet he didn’t ask, he thought he was being skeptic.  The same moves and words as the days before were exchanged.

Waking back home, Minho looked at his right and saw his own shadow that was fallowing him like a watch dog.

 The darkness played its games while the light slowly faded in the horizon.



 In the next day Minho came earlier then he planned. Sleep wasn’t on his side, so when the first rays of sunshine met his window; he decided it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he would go earlier. The boy even stopped at the shop, buying some colorful pieces of paper, since he observed that Taemin loved to fold gooses, just like his mother. But all of them were white; the color was so pure and innocent, untamed yet why did it seemed so pitiful and sorrowful? He was hiding something, that snow white paper held something within its wings, it flew with uncertainty, but to what? What purpose did it have?

Minho couldn’t understand…

A lopsided smile appeared on his face as he entered the park, the rusting leaves with their bright yet fading colors were Minho’s favorite. It was a paradox if you would think about it, they were colorful, full of life and beauty, each of them had its own personality, yet all of them were actually fading, at their glory death was nearer then anything else. Wasn’t it sad? To die when you’ve just reached what you’ve wished for your whole life? It wasn’t as if they could do something, yet in their laughter and chattering, Minho couldn’t help but pity them and feel sad because everything was fading.

 He got distracted from the leaves when, at their bench a small snow white creature was hooting, flapping its wings unsuccessfully. The boy got to the new visitor hurriedly. It was a dove, but what was a bird like this doing in the freezing weather of late autumn? It should have migrated to the warmer places of Earth at the end of summer. Yet, here it was, more real then ever, a dove with a red bow and a small golden bell tied to its neck.

  This day was definitely strange.


When Taemin came he understood that something was wrong, since Minho didn’t greet him as usual. Minho wasn’t there in the first place. Maybe the boy overslept, he guessed, so he decided to wait. Yet the colorful pieces of paper that were left on their bench didn’t help to sustain his theory. It was 7 in the morning, who would leave these at this ungodly hour? Yet what could he do in this situation?

So he just sat down and started to fold.


 It looked weird when the first one was finished. It was made from a bright red, which color held other significations then what he was looking for. It didn’t feel right, he couldn’t let this color in his life. It actually horrified him. Red was the color of love and of death, the color of blood. It scared Taemin to the point that he threw it away frightened. It was like a sword with two blades, you’ll be at the verge of Death when you’ll finally think you’re at the top of the world. Red scared Taemin, so he took out from his jacked white sheets of paper neatly tucked and started the fold them like he always did. In spite of his wish, white made him feel safe, secure, he should be the only one who’s suffering.


 Taemin didn’t scream, nor threw a fit when Minho didn’t came when the clock hit 8 a.m, nor in the hours after. The boy was obviously at school so he couldn’t come. Taemin wasn’t going to be unrealistic or ridiculous, but he guessed that Minho would come and spend some time with him when the school ended, yet that didn’t happen. Wasn’t this his usual route to go home? Did Taemin do something to him yesterday that upset him? If so wouldn’t it be mature to talk about it and not hide and avoid him? It was stupid honestly.


He was a little bit frustrated yet this whole thing shouldn’t bother him. Why should it? After all Minho was just a stranger, or... maybe something more, he was just someone whom he was used to spent two or three hours of the day with, but that was all. Or was it? Well… maybe Taemin considered him as a friend. But what was a friend? Someone who you just hang out with… weren’t friends the ones that would let you down when you needed them the most? So what good are friends then? No, Minho wasn’t his friend, he shouldn’t think so highly of him. Why did he start to care for him in the first place? Taemin promised himself he wouldn’t get attached to anyone else and no one should start and care for him unconditionally, it was for their own good and for Taemin’s in the first place. Hearts are the one’s that heal the hardest after all.


 When Minho came the next day, Taemin already decided to treat him coldly. But how could he do that when that was charming smile greeted him that made his heart skip a beat at the sight, or that husky deep voice that left those plump lips only for his ears to hear? Or when Minho pleaded to fallow him, pulling by his wrist, grabbing his waist in the end and carrying Taemin to the place he wanted.

“ I said I’m not coming Minho! I don’t want to go with you!”

“ You’ll definitely like it Taemin. Trust me, it’s worth it.”

“ I don’t want to! Just let me go already!”

“ What’s with the sudden change of mood? Are you depressive?” Minho asked in a laughable tone, caring Taemin on his back.

  No, I’m bipolar and I’m about to turn schizophrenic if you don’t put me down this instant!” the small boy shouted which only made the latter laugh in mirth.

 Taemin soon gave in and stopped his tantrum, his small fists didn’t seem to do Minho any harm, and it only injured himself in the end. His knuckles hurt, his throat was dry so Taemin leaned on Minho’s back pouting at which the latter couldn’t help but chuckle.

 The small boy tried to ask where they were going, but the truth wasn’t revealed until they got to an apartment, he gulped as he was put down for Minho to get the keys out of his pocket.

“ Is this where you live?” asked in a stuttering manner.

“Maybe... Why are you asking?”

“ You’ve practically dragged me here!” he said in a preposterous tone. “How do I know you’re not a rapist or abductor, and you take children and then sell them? “

“ You know me better then that” he laughed, an incredulous laugh, filled with joy and happiness, he was always amused but the boy’s imagination. “Come on... I’m not going to rape you, just so you know”


Taemin walked in, puffing, as the latter leaded him to a room. He had time to analyze the apartment. It wasn’t too big; it consisted of a living room, decorated in an old fashioned way, with a big sofa, a TV in front, two armchairs and a glass coffee table. The windows were large, the sun making its way in without any difficulty, as the drapes were of a light blue, almost transparent. What he liked though was a big library that occupied half of that room; two of the walls were full of white shelves, which held many different books, from fantasy to child’s books they stood there proudly. Then kitchen was small and it didn’t seem as if it was used often. The next door was the bathroom fallowed by two dorms down the hall. One of it was entirely green, from the walls which had painted trees, flowers and animals to the bed sheets, stuffed animals like frogs, dinosaurs, and again a lot of frogs and tortoises, even the desk and pen holders were all in a light green. It reminded Taemin of a peaceful land, surrounded by grass, where you could feel the wind gusting in your hair and daffodils flying in the air. It calmed him; it resembled a piece of heaven.

  Minho’s room was the last one on the small hall, it wasn’t as neatly decorated as the other one, it was quite messy, a pile of clothes thrown in a corner, the doors of the wardrobes were left unclosed yet it had that fresh smell of mint and rain lingering all around the room, Minho’s perfume. It comforted him, he could just be drawn in those big comfy, welcoming pillows and jump in the unmade bed, mattress half falling on the floor. Sleep suddenly crept to his eyes for no reason, wishing to creep in the bed and stay there until dusk.

 Minho approached the veil that was covering a huge cage, to which Taemin didn’t give to much attention until then. His eyes widen with surprise, as tears were forming at the corner of his eyes. Face bright, a big smile stood on his face as he jumped and opened the door of the cage excited. The latter was glad to see that the boy enjoyed his present, yet the imap he didn’t expect to have such a big impact on him honestly, although he often talked about doves, he didn’t imagine he was so fond of this beautiful creatures.

 “Where did you find her?” Taemin asked joyful. “ I’m happy to see you too Bell, I missed you so much “ he said as the bird showed the same gestures of happiness, leaning on Taemin’s touch, hooting and slowly biting his cheeks in a lovingly matter, not causing bruises or red marks to the latter.

  “I found her in the park yesterday. She didn’t look to good, she was starving and her wing was injured so I took her to the vet. I’m sorry I didn’t come yesterday… the vet told me to keep a watch on her since it’s not normal for doves to be here now. “

“Is that so Bell?  I’m glad then. Thank you Minho, I’m very grateful for your gesture. She means a lot to me”  

“You owe me one, just so you know” Minho said grabbing his backpack.

“And there goes your image of a helpful person. I thought you did this because you like to do good deeds” Taemin said mockingly taking a seat on the bed.

“Not when I can get something I’ve always wanted with them”

“What can I give you then?”  

“Oh, you’ve already given me so much I can’t even ask for more. I just wanted to give you something in return. I have a night shift tomorrow at work, I was wondering if you would want to come with me. I’ll walk you back home don’t worry, and I’ll ask my friend to come and keep you company too when I’ll be occupied. What do you say?” his tone was so shy, unlike the usual Minho.

Taemin laughed loudly, not managing to hold it any longer.

“Why are you laughing?”

‘Sorry... its just that… you were so... sorry. “He managed to get his composure thought. “ Does it count as a first date?”

“What…? Minho was taken aback; he didn’t actually feel something for Taemin in that way, he didn’t swing in that way. They were close, but he wouldn’t actually go to the extreme of being lovers, it would just be weird, what would society think of it?  He just wanted Taemin to see the world he was in, yet he couldn’t break the chains that kept him locked in his small box.

“I was kidding. Well. I guess I could come; I have to thank you for saving Bell after all. But, don’t call your friends ok? I don’t want to be a bother. I’ll be fine by myself as long as you’re there.

 Minho smiled and nodded, heading to the door.

“ Wait, where are you going?!” Taemin jumped, as the dove almost fell from his shoulder.

“School! I need someone to watch the bird, the doctor said not to leave it alone. Her pills are on the night table, give her one of each kind at 9 o’clock and change her bandages at 12, the ligament is beside the pills. 

“ I can’t stay here though…”

“Why not?” I’ll come back at 3 as I always do, I won’t leave you here. I don’t mind if you would take her to your home, but I don’t think it will do her any good, the air is quite cold, she might die.”

“ I couldn’t even if I wanted’ Taemin held his head down, as a hint of sadness could be sensed in his tone. Minho’s heart tightened, so he came close, stroking the boy’s hair, trying to lift his mood.

“ There’s plenty food in the fridge, Julie made yesterday some pancakes, there’s some left, you can heat them up. The TV is in the living room, you can take whichever book you want to read.


Taemin rose his head and couldn’t help but lean in the touch, as Minho’s hand was stroking his cheek, making him feel so warm inside, safe, secure, he nodded and smiled.

  “Make yourself at home” were the last words  the boy said, closing the door behind, already late for school.

He went to the window, chuckling when he saw Minho falling, rising up quickly and running as if he was at a marathon. Then he turned his back, and fell into the mattress, inhaling that intoxicating smell, falling asleep soon with Bell beside him.


When you see me, I'm already gone [3/3]
Title: When you see me, I'm already gone

Pairing: Jongkey ,  Minkey(slightly)

Rating: PG-13

Wordcount: 2,388

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.

Summary: Autumn brings with it fading colors and lost memories. Jonghyun eyes on an ordinary day an odd boy at a windowsill. He becomes obsessed with him, passing by every day just to stare at the stranger. But the said one never left his gaze from the books he was always holding.
 His eyes told a story, he looked fragile, broken, lost, and Jonghyun wanted to find out more about this guy.
A/N : Finally finished it, I feel kind of bad for ending it though.

kept whining and yelling until they got to an agglomerated Mc-Donald’s, finally touching the ground.  

“ What are we doing here?”  

“ You said you wanted a coke” Jonghyun retorted. 

“ Don’t you know to recognize an rhetorical tone when you hear it?” Kibum replayed mockingly. 

“Still, I brought you here so let’s get a drink and something to eat.”

“ Oh, sure, why not watch a movie too” he rolled his eyes. 

“ If that’s what you want’ Jonghyun smiled grabbing Kibum’s wrist. 

“ Do you think I’m an easy guy, going with a stranger, a burglar that breaks into my room? Do you think I’m nuts?!” 

“ No... You’re just different” 


 Kibum lowered his head, as Jonghyun went to buy. Different… he was right, he has always been different, not managing to fit in anywhere. He was tossed away by society since he decided not to play by it’s rules, and now here he was, with this guy sent from school, claiming he was his classmate. So they haven’t forgotten about him, huh? But it wasn’t the same for Minho, he didn’t seemed he forgot, and now what did he do? He had the courage to come to him, blaming everything on him? Was he so narrow minded, did he forgot that it was all his fault... it was his fault that Kibum got in this state.


 “Why are you standing there? Come on...” Jonghyun snapped him out of his reverie, pulling him to a nearby table.

“ So what where you musing about?”

“Nothing of your concern”

“ Oh, come on, we’re classmates remember, why can’ you trust me?”

“ Umm... I barely know you? And don’t you have any manners? You’re spreading bread all over the table!” Key jumped disgusted.

“You’re exaggerating, just like Minho. Say, what happen between you two? He keeps avoiding the subject.”

“ I don’t have anything to do with that guy anymore, so if you please don’t mention his name “ Key said coldly, taking a sip from his coke.

“ He says that too you know? You guys are very intriguing”

“ Why do you want to find out anyway?”

“ I’m bored? And this is the only interesting thing that occurred to me these weeks.” Jonghyun shrugged. “ Aside from you of course”

Kibum was stunned. Seriously now? What was wrong with this guy?

“ Just eat your food!”

From there, they went to a movie, but as Key protested, Jonghyun grabbed the latter, caring him on the shoulder to their seats as all the attention was drawn towards them. In spite of Key’s threats, cursing, yelling, scratching and punches he calmed down, when Jonghyun put his arm around the latter’s, hushing him.

 He didn’t want to get close to anyone anymore... he promised himself that. Then why was he loosing so easily towards this guy? Why couldn’t he just go away now? Why did it felt so good when he touched his skin? Why… did his heart wanted to love again?

 He was quiet throughout the whole movie, leaning over Jonghyun’s shoulder, as the blonde smiled at Key’s gesture.


“ I’m accustomed to think that you liked my shoulder more than the movie.” Jonghyun said when they got outside, as the cold summer air filled their lungs.

“ The movie bored me, and just so you know, you’re not such an extraordinary pillow” Key said mockingly.

 They walked slowly, Jonghyun humming an unknown song, starring at the night sky, entangled in the beauty of the stars. Key threw occasionally glances at the blonde one, not understanding how a guy like him could be so air headed, so carefree, so… careless.

“ What’s your story?” Key asked.

“ My story?” Jonghyun snaps from his gazing.

“ You’re too carefree, too careless… you’re not like all of them… you’re different”

“ Well... thank you” Jonghyun smiled shyly, from the compliment. He put his hands in his pockets, eyes attached to the stars again. “ My story , consists in the fact that I don’t quite have one. I guess you’re expecting me to say something that would leave you speechless, like I used to be the leader of a gang, a drug dealer, a prisoner who found out there, how precious freedom really is.  I’m sorry to disappoint you but… I’m just you’re ordinary guy from next door.”

“ You’re everything except ordinary” Kibum uttered, eyes glued to the latter.

“ Well… if that’s what you think, thank you. I’ve been like this as long as I can remember. I used to live in Scotland with my grandparents, they told me all the myths and stories from there and I fell in love them. They were the key that opened the gate to a new world, where I felt free, all I did there was to dream and to imagine. I moved with my mom in Great Britain after. There, in spite of the beauty of London, the people were too overstressed with work, with their jobs and money, as a kid who grew up in a lost forgotten village, I kept my beliefs, and promised myself not to become like everyone else.  It was sad, you know… to see how everyone lost their dreams and imagination... what’s the use of being vain, mean and greedy? It doesn’t make life enjoyable.  From there, I moved here due to my father’s job and here... I found a real fairy.”

Jonghyun grabbed Key’s hand and looked at him straight into those beautiful eyes that shined brighter than the stars.

“ Thank you for giving me your precious time Key”

“ Key?”  Kibum gasped not realizing he was holding his breath.

“ You’re the key to my heart, to my dreams , stories, and myths. You’re the one I’ve been dreaming since I was a child”

“ Are you sure that punch did damage your brain? I’m a human.”

“ You’re so much more than a mere human” Jonghyun smiled widely approaching his lips to Kibum’s ear.“ You’re my fairy”

 Kibum looked at the latter as if the was a nuts.

“ I wish I would have never asked” Kibum rolled his eyes.

 They stood in the same place in silence for a couple of minutes until Jonghyun broke it.

“ I know you love to stare at me, but you should go inside now.”

Key looked over his shoulder realizing he was in front of his house.

“ I... I wasn’t staring! Good bye! “ his words were muffled as his cheeks took a rosy tint.

 Jonghyun laughed, amused by the latter’s display of shyness and he walked home feeling infinite.



 The next day was Saturday, and since Jonghyun had detention he couldn’t visit Kibum in the morning as he whished. So, he refused to do any labor work, playing all sorts of songs at his guitar, to the other student’s enjoyment and to his teacher’s irritation, gaining another hour of detention due to his rebellion in which the other’s committed to stay and listen to him. Who would have thought you would enjoy detention, and didn’t quite wish it would end so soon. The teacher practically yelled at them to go home already since they stood there two more hours than they were supposed to, and she really wanted to go home now. 

 Everyone parted, thanking Jonghyun for the great time they had, and if he’ll be there next Saturday they’ll definitely get into detention again.




“ What do you want again?” Kibum responded at the front door to Jonghyun’s surprise.

“ You seem eager to see me. What’s with the sudden change?”

“ My mom isn’t home and I was trying to read, but someone has a real talent to disturb me. You’re lucky I didn’t call the cops.”

“ I missed you too Key.” Jonghyun teased wanting to go in.

“ And where do you think you’re going?”

“ There’s no need to welcome me in, my fairy, I can do it myself”

“ Oh, I’m not.  I would prefer you to stay outside!”

“ Do you really want this door broken too?”

“ You’ll pay for it, so it doesn’t concern me.” Kibum shrugged, wanting to close the door.

“ I’ll be quiet my fairy, I’ll let you read in peace if you let me in. If not… let’s say I have pretty strong lungs, I can keep up the noise for a couple of hours at least.” Jonghyun smiled, stopping the door with his foot.

 Kibum sighed, and let the latter come in, as he walked forward to the dorm. When the owner got there, he saw Jonghyun sitting in his bed comfortable, attuning his guitar.

“ What do you think you’re doing?”

“ I wanted to sing something for you?”

“ You said you would be quiet!”

“ And aren’t I ? You’ll read while listening to music”

“ I doubt you’re worth listening”

“ You can decide after you hear me” Jonghyun smiled.

 And so, his fingers started to move slowly on the strings as the song got faster, accompanied by his amazing voice as the latter was taken aback by his skills. He sang Infinite’s Paradise.

“ So… does the fairy approve of me singing to it? Am I worth listening?” Jonghyun asked after he finished, leaving Key speechless for a mere second

 “I... guess I can manage to read in your noise.”

 So the day went along, with Jonghyun singing, not showing any signs of exhaustion and Key reading on the armchair, giving short glances sometimes at the latter.

“ Aren’t you tired?” Kibum finally asked, at dusk.

“ No... as long as I’m singing for you. Are you? You’ve barely read since I got here, you’ve stared at me since then”

“ It’s because you’re in my bed, I can’t read in this armchair, it’s too hard.”

“ Why didn’t you say that in the first place? Come here” Jonghyun patted the empty space next to him.

 “ I’m not coming!” he said decisively.

“ Oh, I almost forgot! Jonghyun jumped from the bed to his backpack, taking a book from it.

“ This is yours… “ he handed it to Kibum.

“ How did you…? Oh.. umm.. thanks” Kibum murmured, but thought soon that he shouldn’t have thanked him, since he was pulled like a ragged doll to the bed. But he calmed down soon enough as the latter started playing again. Songs really were magical.

“ Why do you like to sing?” Kibum asked as the darkness slowly surrounded them.

“ I don’t think “like” is the word to definite it. It’s more like I enjoy it, I feel like I leaving reality, entering in a new magical world, I get entangled in something unique and enchanting, I simply love it because it makes me dream.

“ I see.. “ Kibum murmured.

“ Why do you like reading?” came the latter’s question.


“ It’s my escape from reality… “ Kibum mused staring at the shows from the ceiling. “I feel like I can fit in there, when I’m reading about all sorts of worlds and I’m going hand in hand with all sorts of characters, I fell like they understand me, I understand them. Books for me always have been a world where I could be me… because I’ve always felt..

“ Infinite” Jonghyun ended his sentence.

“ Yeah, you could say that” Key smiled, rising.“ I wish you moved here sooner…” he rose, looking outside the window, touching the glass. “ Then maybe I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Minho, and I wouldn’t have had my heart broken. I should have expected it, but I was too blind by my first love. He was my first, first touch, first kiss, first... well, you get the idea. I don’t know what I was expecting from him either. That he would stay with me forever? You know, it’s true when they say that when you’re a teenager love is only a drama. He cheated on me right after we did it, I accepted it at first. He said he was too drunk and couldn’t distinguish the person. Days later we went to a bar and he did it again, I heard rumors in the school that he cheated on me with some girls, as they proudly spread all the juicy details. I caught him again and again, until one day I arrived at his home, where he was making out with Taemin, my best friend from the art class.

And you know what hurt me the most? That he used me... he used me in order to get to my best friend. “ Key broke down as tears were running down his cheeks. “ People are horrible... they cheat, lie, trick, they’re vain, ugly and bad... they’re all the same! He broke down in sobs as Jonghyun managed to pull him up, hugging him tightly.



 “I’m sorry for what Minho did to you, it’s horrible indeed, but... can’t you just forget it? It’s all in the past now. I may not be what you wanted, but I knew you are what I always dreamt about. I want to be with you, I want to take you away from the shadows and bring you into the light. Dark fairies always had that touch of mystery to them, but I prefer you as a light one. You’re the key that’s unlocked me, so I’ll make sure no one takes you away from me, I won’t cheat on you, nor despise you.  All I want is to be with you.”

 Key looked with his watery eyes at Jonghyun and put his arm around the latter’s waist, hugging him tightly, as if to make sure the other won’t disappear in mid air.

“ Why didn’t you show up sooner?” Kibum mumbled, clutching on the blonde’s shirt.

“Because then, they’re wouldn’t have been any fairy to look at. I wouldn’t have watched in awe my window-sill beauty in every morning and afternoon. I wouldn’t have found you” he whispered whimsically. “ There wouldn’t have been a story”

“ Can I trust a dreamer?”

“ Of course. A dreamer never leaves a fairy when he finds one” Jonghyun smiled.

 And they stood like that until the stars started glowing on the night sky.


When you see me, I'm already gone [2/3]

Title: When you see me, I'm already gone

Pairing: Jongkey ,  Minkey(slightly)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2,931

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.

Summary: Autumn brings with it fading colors and lost memories. Jonghyun eyes on an ordinary day an odd boy at a windowsill. He becomes obsessed with him, passing by every day just to stare at the stranger. But the said one never left his gaze from the books he was always holding.
 His eyes told a story, he looked fragile, broken, lost, and Jonghyun wanted to find out more about this guy.

A/N: I'm  very sorry if this will disappoint you guys, the first part  was written as I said last summer,  and I just couldn't get into the same mood to write it so elegantly or heart breaking. Sorry. 

felt like he was drowning again in the painful memories of the past. He thought that everything was forgotten, but it didn't seem like it. Not now, when he woke up with the image of his face, and he went to bed with the memory of his actions.  
 He sighed, lifting himself from the bed.  

" I need time... that's all I need. Time will solve everything..." he thought, and shivered when in his eternal silence a sound was heard.  

The gentle knock at the door, and the usual monolog of his mother. 

" I've left your breakfast at the door honey. I'm going to work now. Mom, loves you. Bye." 

" I love you too mom, take care..." he wished he could say, but he couldn't. He didn't spoke for a while, and it would be strange to hear his voice again. Did he even had a voice anymore?  
 He shook it off his mind and grabbed the book he started last night „ The perks of being a wallflower „ by Stephan Chbosky. It intrigued him since he saw it on the internet, so he had to buy it. There was a quote that caught his attention: "I wish someone would just tell me what's wrong with me. Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense. " 
 That’s exactly what Kibum wanted to find out… 
“I am asking for your homework Mister Kim Jonghyun “ 
“ And I’ve told you Miss, the pixies stole it last night from my backpack. I’ve found a light stone in my garden and I used the paper to wrap it. I thought I had hid it well… dammit, those pixies.” 
“ And how come you wrapped it exactly in your English homework?” 
“ That’s the first thing that I grabbed from the bag. I’ve told you Miss, I’m innocent this time.” 
“ Oh, of course you’re innocent. Like the last time when you said the parrot tore it apart, or the other time when the ninja came but gladly you defeated him with the special paper sword cut, or when the basilisk lurked in your room, or the phoenix who burn it, the mermaids... Honestly Kim Jonghyun... mermaids? Our city doesn’t even have a beach. How on earth did the mermaids manage to steal your homework? 
“ Oh, that’s a interesting story actually. I didn’t thought it would happen either. You see, I went to the beach three weeks ago and I found this interesting fish which I took…” 
“ I don’t want to hear any more of your unrealistic stories. Honestly, if you would’ve told me that your dog ate your homework I would have believed it” 
“ But that’s too plain and boring Miss. If I should invent an excuse why not do it in an original way?” 
“ Indeed” the teacher sighed, already used to this, writing something on a piece of paper. 

“ So... detention on Saturday at 8 a.m?” Jonghyun asked.  
 “  No... I’m afraid not. “ she finished writing, giving him the note. 
“ What’s this?” 
“ A warning. You’ll flunk the class if you won’t come up with all the homework I’ve given this year until next week. 
“ But that’s impossible!” Jonghyun rose from his seat. 
“ Really now?  I think it’s a lot more possible to make your English homework then for the pixies to steal it.” 
“ There must be another way! How about detention for the entire year? 
“ You’ve had detention every Saturday since the school started, and on every Monday you came back as always without your homework. It seems that the detention didn’t help you at all.” 
“ But Miss …” Jonghyun whined and continued to be like that for the next hour, ruining his teacher’s class.  Only when the bell rang, exasperated, she gave up. 
“ Ok! I can only delay your term, but you still have to bring them.” 
“Sure, what can I do?” 
“The director keeps pestering me and I haven’t managed to do anything about it. He’s your classmate, although I don’t think you ever met him. He stopped coming to school a month before you transferred. The director insists on him, since he has the highest marks on our internet tests, his essays are always elaborated. He takes the online courses, for finishing the high school. His name is Kim Kibum, and you must bring him back to school if you want to finish high school.” 
“That’s it?” he asked bewildered, not believing it.” That’s all?” 
“ Oh, believe me Mister Kim Jounghyun, it will be a miracle if you’d succeed.” She smiled slyly.” Here’s his address. You have until Monday to bring him back.” She wrote the address on a paper, handing it to him. 
“ Count on me teacher! Just don’t forget your promise!” Jonghyun jumped excited already running to the cafeteria. On his way, he read from the paper “ Kim KibumOxtord street, nr 57” Why does it sound so familiar? Where have I heard this name before? Oxtord street... that’s my street too... never saw this neighbor though.” 

“Did you manage to pursue her?” Minho asked between bites as Jonghyun reached their table, catching his breath.  
“ Of course! “ he said proudly. 
“ What do you have to do this time? Clean the toilets? No.... you did that a month ago. Take the garbage? No, that was last week. With what did you get away this time, that’s worse than those?” 
“ This task is quite easy if you ask me. I only have to bring back a guy to school,  Kim Kibum…” 
 Minho started coughing when he heard the name. 
“ I know man... I was surprised too. What can be easier then bringing a nerd back to school? The teacher is becoming skeptic. Say, do you know the guy? Miss Shell said he is in our class.” 
 As Minho regained his composure, he turned his full attention to the fries, shaking his head. 
“ What’s with you again? You’re acting weird again. What are you trying to hide Minho?” 
“ Nothing. I’m done here, I’m going to class.” 
“You’ve barely finished half of your lunch! Jonghyun screamed. “ Why are you acting like this after mentioning that guy.” 
“ It’s none of your business Jonghyun” Minho said in a low, threading tone. 
 But Jonghyun didn’t quite mind it, he knew Minho didn’t say empty threads, but this was really intriguing, and he wanted to find out. He was acting the same as with his window-sill beauty. 
“I got it! “ he jumped from his seat excited. “You were in a relationship with that guy!” 
 And with that, just in a blink on an eye, Jonghyun felt a heavy fist punching his face, as he lost his balance and fell on the floor. He heard a low, deep voice murmuring: 
“Don’t ever mention him to me again.” 
And with that, the person took his tray from the table and left, leaving Jonghyun bewildered as the whole canteen was looking amazed at what just happened, and soon whispers started echoing throughout the whole place. Jonghyun got up, got rid of the dust from his pants and went to the cooking lady, ordering a raw slice of meat. 
 The shrill sound of the bell echoed throughout the school. Creaking desks were pushed aside, notebooks were thrown into their bags, as the owners left the building chatting, laughing, happy that another day of school had ended. Just to start the torture all over again tomorrow.  
 Through this mass of people there was a blonde figure waking nonchalantly, looking at the sky, bumping sometimes in people, but sorry never left his lips as he was completely caught in his reverie, musing about something that was stuck in his mind.  Only the blue light sky knew his secret, as his eyes never left it, while his feet walked mechanically to the place they were instructed long before.  

 Step after step and before he realized he ended up in front of the same window-sill where the same raven boy was sitting, reading another book. He smiled at the view, glad that some things didn’t chance, but they had to chance, and he should be the one who forced those changes. So he walked confidently at the door, ringing once, twice, but no one answered.  
 He banged at the door, but still no reply. So he turned his attention to the window-sill guy.

“ Hey, can you open the door!” he shouted until his lungs felt sore, but in spite of his persistent tries, the raven never once turned his gaze to the blonde that was screaming his soul out. 
“Desperate times called for desperate measures” Jonghyun thought as he grabbed some pebbles throwing them at the window. He didn’t intended to throw them so hard, when they came in contact with the glassy panel, breaking it slightly. A small whole with lines decorated the window now. In spite of his mistake there was a good part too, as the raven finally turned his head to Jonghyun, eyeing him with a fierce glare.  As he opened the window Jonghyun waved excited: 
“ Hey! Glad I caught your attention. Can you open the door?” 

 Kibum looked at the guy in disbelief, bewildered. 

” Figures, what could I expect  from a burglar?”  

“ So, what do you say…” Jonghyun started but was hit by a book straight into his face.The book wasn’t thick, but the  sudden impact took him unprepared and so he stumbled on his on feet, falling on the ground.  
“ Next time learn how to break into a house! He said mockingly. What a scumbag burglar” And with that the loud thud of the window put an end to their conversation. Jonghyun was left on the ground mouth agape, speechless, as he was staring at the boy who  furiously pulled the curtains.  

 He sighed, and pulling himself together, dusting himself. He was about to leave defeated, as a puppy who was kicked away from home, when he saw the book that was thrown in him.  
“ The perks of being a wallflower” he read, taking it from the ground opening it randomly and starting to read it on his way home.  
He attracted the gazes of the walkers, but he didn’t acknowledge anyone else’s presence. 

“ I see that you didn’t accomplish your task yet” Mss Shell noted  as she was inspecting everyone’s homework, and as always Jonghyun didn’t made his.  
“ If I remember correctly I still have time until Monday Miss. It’s only Friday. “ Jonghyun yawn, stretching his arms, turning his attention to the book.  

“ You’re reading?” his teacher inquired. 
He nodded slightly, not paying any attention to her.  

‘ That’s strange coming from you. Kibum did something to you?” 

“He throw this book at me while I was trying to break into his house.” 

“ He… that’s all? I should’ve thrown books into you too, maybe you would’ve started to pay attention to the class sooner.”   
 The day went on as usual, boring, dull, frustrated teachers, anxious students, laughter in the breaks, chatter in the canteen. Everything was normal… well... almost. 
“ You must come with me! “ Jonghyun pleaded, grabbing Minho. 

“ I’ve told you I don’t have anything to do with him”  

“ You know it’s obvious, and I even saw it. You two were dating…  “ 

“ I’m leaving” Minho pushed Jonghyun away, clenching on his backpack, restraining himself not to punch Jonghyun again. Damn, he hated his guts, usually every person he got into a fight or was threaten by him would back off until now, not even daring to look into his eyes. Well, with Jonghyun was another story, he was too carefree and unpredictable, uncontrollable, just like someone he once knew.  

“ Fine. Then I’m chaining you, now you have to come with me” he was taken aback by this move as Jonghyun actually put handcuffs on his wrist as the other already had one entangled on his left hand .  

“ Where did you get the handcuffs from? ” he asked in disbelief. 

“ That’s easy. I’ve got them from by brother, he’s working at the police “ he smiled, pulling Minho to the direction he wanted. 

“ Are you sure you haven’t escaped from prison?” he asked curiously. 

“ Of course not! That’s too plain Minho, you have to think bigger!” 
 Soon enough, Jonghyun was knocking at the white door, luckily this time noises were heard from behind as the known lady opened it, greeting them with a smile.  
“ Oh my, what are you  boys doing here? “ 
“ We’ve come to see KibumJonghyun smiled widely. “ Can we come in?” 
“ Oh, of course… but.. don’t be too disappointed if he won’t open the door.” Mss Kim said, leading them upstairs. “ This is his room, good luck, I have some things to do in the kitchen” 
She smiled patting them on the shoulder.  
 “ She’s a very nice lady” Jonghyun said as they were standing alone in the large hall. 

“ And too understanding too” Minho completed. 

Jonghyun looked confused at Minho, but didn’t regard what he said. 

“Ok let’s to this!”

He knocked slowly, saying a taming voice:

“ Kim Kibum? Hey... This is your classmate, Jonghyun, I’m the guy from yesterday, remember?  Can you open the door so we can talk please?” but he got no reply. 
“ I’m sorry for what I did… Minho’s here too, so you can be sure I’m not trying to kidnap you “ at that, they heard noises inside, books falling while steps approached the door.  

“ Go away! A threatening voice lurked from the locked room. 

“We just want to talk. Don’t you want to see your old friend?” Jonghyun stated. 

“ I don’t have any friends” the cold voice said. “ You’re annoying me, go away!” 

“ But...” Jonghyun said in a low pouting tone. 

“Leave!” Kibum shouted. 

“ Fine... if that’s what you want” he said displeased.  
He started banging loudly at the door, shouting “ Come out bookworm!” 

“ What do you think you’re doing? Minho asked surprised at the sudden burst. 

“ Trying to make him open the door” “ Come out!” 

“I don’t think it will work Jonghyun” 

“ You’re right this won’t work, he doesn’t give in so easily. Ah! I know” and he took the key from his pocked, taking the handcuffs off.  

“ Desperate times call for desperate measures. Come on, help me with this” And he jumped, trying to break the door. 

“ What are you doing?” 

“ Well, it’s obvious that he won’t open the door for us, so if we break it, that wouldn’t be a door to open. Now help me with this! “

Unwilling Minho complied, and after several tries, a crack was heard as the door fell on the ground revealing the sought room, that kept into it’s walls a raven boy, trembling, fist clenched, ready to throw a fit at the trespassers. 

 “ Besides breaking my door, your ruining my carpet too”  

Jonghyun pulled himself together from the ground, seeing the blood that trickled town his cheek, and the bruised hands, scratches here and there. 

“ Oh... sorry... I’ll go and clean up. Minho, keep an eye on him.” 

Jonghyun hurriedly ran down stairs into the kitchen, leaving the cat and the dog alone, not realizing what a big mistake he actually did. 

“ Oh, my, what happened to you dear?”  

“ It’s nothing, some small scratches. But it was worth it. Your son has an amazing library in his room.” He was chatting while cleaning himself at the sink. 

“ So you managed to make Kibum open the door?” she asked surprised. 

“ Oh no, we got rid of the door.” 

“ You…” she looked at the boy stunned but didn’t have time to finish her sentence as Minho passed by, leaving hurriedly. 

“I’m going” his tone was cold. 

“ Why? Wait, what happened?” Jonghyun looked at him then upstairs as sobs could be heard, screams and objects thrown all over the place. 

“ Damn you Choi Minho! I hate you, I hate you! I despise you!


 Kibum looked quite pitiful in Jonghyun’s eyes. His heart tighten seeing his awed statue in this fragile state. So not even thinking twice he took Kibum by his wrist and pulled him roughly from his sanctuary, his room, the place he felt safe and secure. As the door fell, the walls broke, and everything was shattered, all that the built these years  turned to ashes in seconds, all because of this blonde guy. 

“ What do you think your doing? Let me go!” Kibum screamed at Jonghyun  slapping him, but that action was revealed as useless, since the latter didn’t let go. “ Leave me alone!” 

“ Do you want to go for a walk?” Jonghyun asked, leaving Kibum speechless. 

“ Sure, and let’s stop and drink a coke too, like best buddies we are!” he said mockingly, still trying to get loose. 

“ Whatever pleases your heart.”  

“ What? Wait! I’m not going! You can’t force me! I’m calling the police for abduction! Mom, help me!” Kibum yelled  as Jonghyun throw him on his shoulder tired of dragging the boy.  

“ Have fun boys! You can stay as much as you like Kibum darling!” his mom shouted waving goodbye when they passed the kitchen. 

“ Whose side where you again?! Uhh, let me go you damn dinosaur!”

When you see me, I'm already gone [1/?]

Title: When you see me, I'm already gone

Pairing: Jongkey ,  Minkey(slightly)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,259

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters.

Summary: Autumn brings with it fading colors and lost memories. Jonghyun eyes on an ordinary day an odd boy at a windowsill. He becomes obsessed with him, passing by every day just to stare at the stranger. But the said one never left his gaze from the books he was always holding.
 His eyes told a story, he looked fragile, broken, lost, and Jonghyun wanted to find out more about this guy.

 A/N: This was written last summer, but I never managed to finish it, I'm currently working on finishing it. Also I want to thank nemo-chii for the title, thank you cupcake ^_^
 Feel free to comment.

"                                                                          Spring... 
 The time of year when everything comes back to life. The flowers bloom, the sun is all dazzling and wants to overwhelm you with it's warmth, the birds are singing happily, the people seem so cheerful, everything looks so perfect, so unreal...all of it is just crap.  
 In a city where the word innocence lost it's meaning a long time ago, the sun is just a big star that provides heat for the humans, and nothing more. You see trash at every corner of the street, and  dogs that wave their tales, hoping that that would get them some food.  
 A city where you're afraid to leave your child to go alone to school, because some crazy maniacs can abduct them, where they keep their children as pets, afraid of every living thing, thinking they are doing them a favor putting a glass between them and the real life, by protecting them.  
 The consequences? Because of that overwhelm protectiveness from their parents, most of the kids have gone "mad", drinking, taking drugs, running away from  home with their so called " soul mates", going to parties late at night, when their parents think that their little angel is sleeping, they commit suicide because they can't breathe anymore in this city.  
 The teenagers only care about their looks, money, cars, and sex. Because those are the "most important things" in life aren't they? The sad thing is that they became stupider with every year that passes. Monkeys will surely dominate the world in a couple a decades, or dogs probably, with cats. We will be the slaves of the war between dogs and cats, since they are indeed more intelligent than most of the people these days.   
 In a city where everyone is so corrupted, well, except for the dogs, they are the only living souls that kept that hint of respect for the others and also the only ones that deserve to live. Anyway.. in a city so corrupted, how can  spring be felt, when we're living in a cold, rainy autumn that won't ever leave? "
                                                                   Kim Kibum- Spring essay 
 " May I ask what the hell is this, mister Kim Kibum?" his teacher barked, furiously as expected.  
 " Mrs. Shell, you've told us "to be original, unique, to feel the season, to express ourselves in words, to let our imagination run wild",Kibum repeats and emphasizes his teacher's words. " And as an obedient and working child I am, I did exactly what you've told me, and "let my feelings burst".  
 His teacher was dumb folded and speechless by his answer. She regained herself and spoke. Not even a tiny bit of guilt could be sensed in her tone. 
" Mister Kim Kibum, you didn't understood me at all. "To feel the season of spring" means to feel the warmth, the happiness that everyone shares, the birds that fly free from tree to tree..." 
 " How can I share " the happiness of spring" when you yourself don't do it Miss." Kibum replied bored by her speech. 
 " I... well... Kim  Kibum, I want you do redo your essay, in a more realistic way!"  
 " Then you should try to open your eyes and see how reality feels like, if that isn't realistic enough for you" he replied shifting off his seat, grabbing his backpack.  
" Where do you  think you're going? she yelled at him, her fake smile and tenderness was erased from her face. 
 " Home. I've had enough of all this shit."  
 " No, you're not! You're going to the principal's offi... " 
 But Kibum closed the door, the last words never  finding their way to his ears. He was tired of all the yelling and the drama that his teacher made. Because he wasn't like the rest. He didn't live in that glass balloon like everyone else, thinking that life is perfect, that every thing could be theirs, that if they just kept their hope and wish for their dreams to come true it will.  
Lies... everything was a lie... 
 Everyone’s life was a big fat lie. They didn't want to open their eyes, because the reality was cruel, and it hurt, it was merciful, a world that lost it's colors.  
  That's the world Kim Kibum lived in. 
Three days passed, since he last went to school. His parents stopped yelling, telling him that he won't ever get a job if he didn't finish high school, that he ruined his future, that he made them feel ashamed.  
 " Why can't you be like the other kids?! Why can't you go at parties, meet with friends, do a sport, like the other boys your age?! At your age I had four girlfriends until now, but you didn't even had one!” he recalled what his father told him, or more like yelled at him, when he came back from school a little bit too early. To be more precise, a half of hour after he left from home.  
 " All you do is stay in your room and study, read, or whatever the hell you're doing!” Kibum felt that he disappointed his father, it was just a small little feeling that lingered inside of him, but it was there, and it kind of hurt.  
 " You may do whatever you want, I won't even bother you from now on with my endless monologs that don't seem to reach you at all." his father sighed, feeling defeated, going to pick his cup of coffee, already cold.  
 Kibum didn't say anything at all, he just turned away from the kitchen, going upstairs to his room, the place where he can be himself, where everything is perfect for him. 
 " At least you could've yelled at me." He heard his father. "You could've told me why you don't want to go, I wish you would at least answer me for once, even if it's a lie, Kibum. Is it my fault that you are so different?" 
" It's not your fault father" Kibum wished he could tell him. But his father couldn't understand, he won't understand. So why the waste of words?    
 He stepped forward to his room, closing the door behind him.  
 Days passed, and he became more engrossed in his study that he completely forgot about the outside world. It's been a week since he left the house last time. It's been two weeks since his parents abandoned their endless nagging, hoping their son will go to school again. But it wasn't only about that, they wished he would go outside at least, make a friend.  
 They bought him a cell phone 2 years ago, when everything started.  
 It was his second year of high school, when Kibum refused to go to school. He had stayed in the house a little bit too much than usual, except for some morning or night walks in the park, he didn't left the house too much. Although his parents weren't too happy when they found out that he was taking some art classes at a private institute, and the teacher  really acknowledged his natural talent; now he dropped it, and they where sad about it. He didn't want to go anymore. He stopped going in the weekends at movies, he stopped walking in the park, he refused to go at school, he refused to go outside, he even refused to speak... and so Kibum refused to live in reality. 
 His parents where concerned about their son's odd behavior. They tried to understand him, to talk to him, but from bad it became worse.  
 " I'm sick of living in a world where everything is a lie. Reality is too painful" 
 Where the only things his parents heard from him, in a day of July, when he came home a little late then usual, but they didn't mind at all. Although he was spacing off at the dinner and seemed oddly apathatic, not like the usual cheerful Kibum. His mother asked him if something happened between him and his friends, or something, if he got into a fight. But that was the only answer she got. And from there, everything became worse, unto the point where it can't be undone.  
 The strange thing is that Kibum refused to speak with them, to go outside, or eat... after one phone call.  
 His cell phone rang only once in those two years. Yelling and cursing could be heard from Kibum's room.  After a chaos of sounds and words thrown, an eery silence overtook the house. The sound  of an object thrown into the wall could be heard, and after that a strange muffle of cries and yelling and some incoherent words took over the entire silence. 
 Just then... something broke, something more than a simple object... a heart. And with it, it took the boy's freedom too, caging him into a world where colors were taken away.   
 He sat on the window-sill as always, engrossed in his book, he didn't even took his eyes off it, not even once Kim Kibum  had the curiosity to look outside his own little world, and see the colors of autumn or… a strange boy that took interest in him, or as he preferred to say " Does that guy ever leaves his window-sill, is he even breathing?" 
 Or so he said... but he looked at him when he went to school, leaving earlier than usual just to have time to stare a little bit more at the raven's beautiful features, to watch his mesmerizing eyes, that only looked at that stupid, stupid book, and they never left their gaze to look at the window.  



" What is it about that stupid book, that he adores so much, that he doesn't even look outside" Jonghyun puffed, annoyed filling his month with food because of the angry state he was in, tiny bits of bread spreading from his mouth on the table.  
" Easy man... or your going to choke to death if you keep digging so much into your mouth" his friend said.  
Jonghyun mumbled some incoherent words, not even one could be understood. 
The latter sighed, digging in his lunch as the other kept mumbling and eating in annoyance about the guy at the window-sill.   
 On their way home, Jonghyun dragged his friend with him, so he could look at that guy, trying to prove that he wasn't obsessed with him, as his friend kept teasing. The guy was too strange, he isn't even moving, he looks like a statue. 
" You know those statues that you see in the History book, like "The Thinker" Jonghyun mused. "Only that this guy looks more pale than a statue, he's different, he has a strange aura around him, and it gives me the chills every time I look at him..." 
" Love goose bums" Minho teased. 
" Yeah.. exactly." 
Only now he realized the meaning of those words, because he was too engrossed in his speech, or like his friend called it " new obsession".  
" Yah! I'm not in love with this guy... he just buggs me. He's always... 
" At the window-sill" his friend completes." I know, you told me a thousand times." 
" Oh, there's the house" Jonghyun said, ignoring his friend. Running towards it. 
 The latter sighed and walked causally, he was amused of how much interest his friend had in a guy that he didn't even knew. A simple, ordinary...   
" See... I told you he looked..." 
But the expression that greeted him, was one that he never would expect. He was... Jonghyun didn't even knew how to describe it. He never saw his friend like that. He looked annoyed by the presence of an old thing that he thought he tossed away long ago, and never thought it would come back into his life. 
" Is something... wrong?"  
" Nothing... I'm going home. " he replied coldly, waving goodbye. 
Jonghyun did the same, looking at his back, while he left, not understanding at all what happened.  
"Oh well... " he said happy as always as if nothing happened, turning his attention to the guy at the window-sill.  
But strange things kept happening that day.  
He saw a statue crying. 
It was just a little tear at first, but the boy let it slide away, not caring about it. Turning the page nonchalantly. And another one followed it, and another one, and so on... until his beautiful eyes were drowning in tears, and for the first time he heard a sound coming from him. It was a little wince of pain, which he masked it with his hand, but he heard it very clear.  
 Even so... the boy didn't leave the window-sill. And Jonghyun didn't dare to make a move either, watching his statue crying, until all the sobs faded, and he regained his composure. But this time, compared to the other, his eyes looked sad. 
 A sadness that took  with it the colors that made life real. 
" Colors..." he murmured, catching a last glance of the guy.  
 Days passed like always, Jonghyun never realizing what exactly happened in that day, but it stayed in the back of his mind. He didn't ask his friend about it. Well... he tried, but he had a special ability to fade away every time he opened the subject about the guy at the windowsill.  
 " So..." Jonghyun began, trying his new tactic. " I have a friend who started crying when he saw a stranger apparently, do you think they knew each other? Maybe old lovers or something? 
 " Hyung, I told you, there's nothing to be said about that guy. Ask him about it, if you're so curious. " he replied coldly. He was like this since that day.   
 Jonghyun sighed, defeated again. 
 " I don't understand, why are you so stressed out about him? I was just asking..." 
 " Don't. "  
And with that their conversation was over, as the bell rang. 
 Jonghyun was staring at his friend, his gaze never leaving him. From anyone's point of view he looked like a stalker, fallowing Minho at his soccer practice, in the showers, on his way home, until he closed the door and even after one or two hours he stayed like a guard dog at Minho's house, to be sure he won't  sneak on his watch and visit someone... someone that has been bugging his mind that last week more frequently than Minho. Someone whom, he didn't even knew his name, but his face kept popping in his head, and every time it happened, that beautiful face drown in tears appeared... which maintained his motivation to keep stalking Minho until he'll talk about it, either he wants it or not. 
 "Jonghyun you can come to dinner with us if you want."  Minho's mother snapped his trail of thoughts.  
 Jonghyun accepted gladly, finally his plan was making a step forward. 
" Minho, would you walk him home? It's rude to leave our quest like this." his mother said after dinner. 
Jonghyun's face lighted up, happy that he'll finally get a chance to talk to Minho, and maybe he'll find out more about that guy... He would find out more about his past. Jonghyun didn't stalked Minho because he was curious about his relationship with that guy. He had found a string that pulled some information regarding the " the guy from the window-sill" as he called him.   
But even though Jonghyun tried his best, he didn't succeed. Not even a single word was heard from the latter, he was quiet all the way, listening to Jonghyun’s monolog, not wanting to participate in the conversation at all. It was all in the past, and the past shouldn't become present. That would break apart every rule. The things, the memories, the people should remain in the past, especially... him.  
 But from some reason, things kept colliding into each other, and the things that he thought forgotten appeared right in from of his eyes.  
" Oh, Minho-shii, I haven't seen you for such a long time! " the women in front of them said.  
 She was taking her groceries from the back of the car.  
" It's been two years hasn't it? " she continued. " You could've come to dinner you know... like the old times." Maybe you could make Kibum come out and eat with us too..." she continued looking with nostalgic eyes at Minho.  
" I'm sorry Mrs. Kim, I can't. " Minho bowed politely. " I guess you can walk  by yourself from here" he said looking at Jonghyun
 And he left. Just like that. Without saying anything else. He faded in the shadows and streetlights, just like a lost memory.  
 Jonghyun was looking at the lady, she seemed old, but her face didn't had any wrinkles, her features were calm and she had that sort of warm aura around her, that would make anyone like her, and feel better around her.  
" Umm, excuse me.. would you want some help?" he said without even realizing. 
" Oh, if you're kind enough, yes, please"  she said with a warm smile on her face. 
 He didn't knew what made him help her, he didn't even realize that he was in the front of that well-known guy, which he's been watching. The lady's eyes remembered Jonghyun of someone else, but he just couldn't say exactly who. He  knew he saw those eyes before... but where? 
 As they finished unpacking, she asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner. He was full, because he ate at Minho, but something made him say " yes, I would like to." She was oddly friendly, and polite with him, even though he was a stranger. Now that he realized it, he didn't even mentioned his name. 
" I'm sorry for being so rude. My name is Kim Jonghyun."  
" There's no need to be sorry. I'm glad to have guests from time to time." 
 Jonghyun smiled in response, watching her preparing lunch, while the door was heard and a man appeared in the kitchen.  
" Hi young man."  
" Hello sir."  
 The atmosphere was quite awkward, they looked at Jonghyun with glittering eyes, kind of hoping something from him, and that strange feeling gave him goose bumps.  He didn't even knew them, why did he accept to stay? They looked like a normal couple, happy... but there was something in their eyes and Jonghyun could hear their whispers and gazes locked on him, while he stayed quietly at the table. 
" So... are you a friend of Kibum?" the woman asked with a big smile on her face, her eyes sparkling with hope, while she placed the plates on the table.  
 At that question Jonghyun was completely lost. Utterly lost, speechless. 
" Umm... Kibum is...?" 
" Oh..." the lady's smile vanished." You... don't know our son do you?"  
"No... I'm sorry. I've moved here two years ago"  he felt kinda bad to see those glittering eyes fade away. " But... can I meet him?" 
" Two years ago..." she muttered, sighing.  
" He doesn't come out of his room" the man said sighing.  
" I'm sorry that he can't be here and eat with us. I'm sure you guys would have a lot of things to talk about, since our son is about your age. " 
 Jonghyun didn't know what to say, he just smiled, ate, and after bowing politely and waving goodbye.  This sure was a strange night.

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You are my pet [4 /4]
Title: You are my pet [4/4]
 Pairing: 2min, jongkey
 Raiting: R
 Disclainer: I do not own anything.
 Summary: Coming back from work, Minho discovers an odd box outside his apartment. There, he finds an adorable, cute, fluffy guy whom he decides to take care of.
 [1] , [2] , [3]

 And the day continued on, with Minho and Jonghyun following Key and Taemin, trying to keep up with them, as the diva dressed and undressed Taemin with hundreds of outfits and shoes. As the bags were getting heavier and heavier, and that damn credit card was still full and always ready for a new round of treats. Even so, Minho and the Jonghyun got the chance to know each other better. The boys shopped and they really seemed to have lots of fun, in the end that’s what Saturday’s were all about. To enjoy the free time with your dearest friends. Time flew and soon enough it was 9 o’clock, time for closing, as Key argued for a another 10 minutes with the lady from the jewelry who just wanted to go home already after a full day shift. Jonghyun managed to soothe Key, and they finally got into their cars. And you might think that putting the bags in the car was a simple thing, but when it came to Key it wasn’t. Since they bought a full wardrobe, they barely got into the two cars.  
 After that, they headed to Minho, for a hot coffee or cocoa, as Taemin insisted and Jonghyun said he wanted to try one too, since he hadn’t drank one since he was a kid. Minho liked Jonghyun, he was fun, nice, a good guy, drawn in a world only known by himself, but either way he was sincere and a devoted friend, he was perfect for Key. He wouldn’t have thought of him as an actual lover for Key, if he might have just guessed they we’re compatible, Minho would have introduced Jonghyun to Key a long time ago, especially after the broke up with Onew, he thought the tragedy will never end. But not for Key’s broken heart, oh no, his tragedy, as Key used to come over and Minho had to be prepared with packs of ice cream in the fridge, and also not to snap at him, since Key used to be a drama queen, throwing tantrums and fits, crying, yelling.  
 „ Let me help you...” Taemin offered to carry the bags but Minho refused.  
He pouted cutely, and Minho smiled widely at him. 

„ They’re too heavy for you, let me and Jonghyun do the work.” 

And he complied, sighing, slowly walking outside, we’re snow started falling again. In the parking lot of the building Key’s echo resonated thought the whole place, ordering the two men around, what to leave in the car, and what to take,  giving detailed instructions to them.  
 Taemin watched behind his back, amused at the scene, as Minho didn’t understand what Key meant so the diva snapped and took the specific bag himself taking the elevator to the apartment. As the cars got a little bit more empty, all that was left were Key’s clothes, Minho looked for Taemin, realizing that the little one wasn’t around. 
Then he eyed his angel. Taemin was admiring the dark sky, as the snow fell on the ground. He approached his petite pet slowly, embracing him from behind.  

„What at you doing here alone in the cold” he whispered into his ear. 

„ You startled me. I was just admiring  the snowflakes. They look so beautiful, don’t you think? 

„ No. They don’t.”


“Why do you think that Master?”


“ Because you are definitely more beautiful then them. They’re cold and icy, you’re warm and cozy. I prefer you than the snowflakes.” 

And then Minho turned Taemin around, placing his lips on the latter’s, they were sweet and soft. He bit Taemin’s bottom lip, licking it every now and then, as a soft moan left his lips from the pain added to Minho’s touches, as his hands were already exploring what has hidden behind the sweater. The kiss got more passionate, as he slipped his tongue into Taemin’s mouth, tasting every single bit of his... his... lover?  He broke the kiss, looking straight into Taemin’s eyes. 

„ Minnie... what am I to you?’ 

Taemin looked a little bit confused, what was Minho talking about? Why did he have to stop so abruptly, why now when they were definitely enjoying themselves? 

„ You’re... you’re my master, the person who took me in and took care of me.” 

„ And what if I told you I don’t want to be just your master?” 

„ Do you want me to leave?” 

„No... Minnie... Do I have a chance to become something more in your heart, something more precious... more close... more intimate” and with each word he took Taemin closer, embracing him, and finishing with a kiss.  

„ Like... a boyfriend?” 

„ Yes Minne... so what do you say?” Minho smiled, inches apart from the latter’s lips.” 

„ I would love to be your boyfriend Master!” Taemin smiled too, putting his hands behind Minho’s neck, taking the initiative and kissing the man, the kiss was passionate and hot, but it soon had to end as an known voice screamed: 

„ Yah! I leave you guys for 10 minutes and you’re all over each other! You could’ve taken Taemin in the car, or in your apartment for Christ's sake, we’re in the building after all. It’s minus twenty degrees outside...” 

But Key’s ramble was stopped by a giant snowball that hit him straight in the face. He gazed at Minho who was laughing out loud, giving him that deadly stare. Minho gulped and ran away, as Key yelled after him, managing to hit him with a snowball too. Taemin went in too, trying to go on Minho’s side, but he ended up as a shield, as Jonghyun was trying to soothe Key, hoping that it wouldn’t end up bad.  
  Minho was laughing, Key was yelling, Taemin was on the ground covered with snow as Jonghyun helped the latter to stand up, whispering something at his ear. And so, snowballs started flying around as the small boy and the blonde guy thrown against the diva and the athlete. They were shouting, laughing, running, all under the dark night sky, as snowflakes kept falling on them.  
 Half an hour later, they were completely exhausted, hands cold and red, body numb, as soft giggles left their lips occasionally, everything seemed perfect now, everything felt right.  
Jonghyun put his hand around Key, keeping his boyfriend  warm until they got to the apartment, as Minho did the same to Taemin
 They were all gathered around the small table from the living room, eating some fruits, and making themselves warm with the promised cup of coffee or cocoa for Jonghyun and Taemin.  

„ We’ll be staying in for the night” Key said promptly to Minho,, and he was right, it was almost midnight and it was snowing quite hard now outside, it wasn’t like they could leave now.  

„ Sure, just don’t be too loud, I need to sleep too you know” 

„Like you’ll be able to sleep with Taemin in a bed.  You were completely over him there, I can’t imagine what you’ll do with him in a bed.” 

„ Oh, I believe you can, after all you’re more experienced then me, plus you have Jonghyun „ 
„ Um... are we going to sleep in the living room Minho?” Taemin asked quietly, interrupting their quarrel. 

„ Oh course not, we’re going to sleep in our room” 

„ Then is Key going to sleep here?” he continued, knowing that his „umma” was a little bit picky that’s why he didn’t imagine that he was going to sleep on the cough, plus where would Jonghyun hyung sleep? 

„ Of course not, Taemin, we’re going to sleep in the guest room.” 
 Taemin blinked confused. 

„ Guest room?  „ 

„ Remember, when I first saw you, that I’ve told you I’ve got a free bed. Well, I  have three other rooms which I rarely use.” 

It was true, Taemin saw the doors on each side of the big hall, but he never tried to open them, he wasn’t quite curious, he felt like he was trasspasing his guardian’s intimacy if he lurked around the place. 

„ Then why didn’t you let me sleep there in the first place? You even caught a cold, by sleeping in the living room all by yourself.” 

„My room is the most spacious and comfy one, as a guest I wanted you to feel welcomed. I was hoping you would to stay here with me” Minho answered. 

„ Frankly speaking, he fell in love with you, and wanted to fuck you, but gave in to your cuteness so now he’s taking it slow.. .or now quite as I saw you two downstairs... ouch! Minho I’m telling him the truth!” Key yelled. 

„ Too many details Key... way too many...” 

„ So... umm… that means I can stay here with you forever?” 

„ Of course Minnie, we’re lovers now after all. You’re all mine, and I’m all yours” Minho whispered into a husky voice at Taemin’s ear, biting the latter’s collarbone, licking slowly his neck and kissing it, as Taemin gave a soft moan. 

„ Get a fucking room!” Key yelled at the two of them, throwing his slipper at Minho. 
Soon enough, Jonghyun managed to stop his lover kissing him passionately. 

„ Where did you say the guest room was?” Jonghyun asked Minho as the latter broke off the kiss with Taemin

„ First on the left” he breathed continuing with the kissing. 
„ Come one, we shouldn’t be wasting our time either” Jonghyun murmured, taking Key in his arms, entering the said room.  
 The apartment echoed with moans of pleasure, as both of the couples were having one heck of a time.  
Everything was definitely perfect. 

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You are my pet [3 /4]

 Title: You are my pet [3/4]
 Pairing: 2min, jongkey
 Raiting: PG-13
 Disclainer: I do not own anything.
 Summary: Coming back from work, Minho discovers an odd box outside his apartment. There, he finds an adorable, cute, fluffy guy whom he decides to take care of.
 [1] , [2]
When the first rays of sun crept into the blue veils, they tickled Taemin’s face, the light waking him up. He blinked slowly adapting to the environment and he caught a glimpse of the man who was beside him. He was in a deep slumber. Taemin could feel the hot breath trickle his skin, while his cheeks were a soft rosy tint.  
 He looked with awe at Minho’s sharp features and those big dole eyes, he was so handsome, so perfect, so surreal, that Taemin rose his hand from underneath the tight embrace Minho caged him in and touched that soft skin,  moving his fingers slowly to those endearing lips.  
 His eyes widened as a sly smile crept on the latter’s face and Taemin gave a yelp as Minho opened his eyes slowly, and dragged  the latter closer to him, burring his face into Taemin’s soft caramel hair.  
„ Stay „ Minho ordered and Taemin complied.  
They stood in silence for the next half an hour, they didn’t utter a word and stood still hearing each other’s heart beats.  
„ Um... Minho? Can we leave the bed now?” 

The small one inquired, he waited for an answer, looked in Minho’s eyes, watching if he gave any signs of waking up, poked his cheeks, even so the latter  didn’t reply so  he squirmed a little trying to get loose.  When Taemin thought he was finally free, two strong arms grabbed his waist bringing him closer than ever, a few inches separating their lips.  

„ No. Now stay here with me. I’m sick remember?” Minho said in a husky tone. 


 Taemin blushed, acknowledging how close they actually were.  

 „ Should I make you another soup to make you feel better? Taemin asked in a low tone. 

 Minho finally opened his eyes,  he looked straight into Taemin’s eyes, and his plump lips , they looked so endearing, they were so close, and in a blink of an eye he broke the distance between them. The kiss was short, you couldn’t actually call it a kiss, since all Minho did was to press his own lips on the latter’s. Even so, this small gesture made him smile widely.  

„ My thank you gift for your dragon killing soup. I’m feeling better now.” He rose, leaving a confused Taemin in the bed. „Aren’t you coming to take a shower?” he looked back at the small boy laughing.

 Taemin had the covers over his head, standing in a sitting position in the bed, he looked bewildered of what just happened, not being able to move an inch. 

 „ Come on” Minho took the lead, grabbing Taemin’s wrist, taking him to the bathroom. 
Minho was already throwing his shirt on the ground, when he caught a glimpse of Taemin, standing awkwardly at the door. 

 „ What are  you standing there for? Come on.” 

 „ I think I should wait until you’re finished Master Minho.” 

 „ What are you talking about Minnie?” Minho laughed. „ Come on, I’ll take a quick shower, the bathtub is all yours.” 

 „ Are you sure? I don’t mind to wait…” 

 „ Yes, I’m sure. Don’t worry I won’t peak” Minho smiled charmingly grabbing Taemin, forcing him in. 

 As he promised, he didn’t give a peak, well not quite. He went into the shower, and all he could see through the steam was glimpse of Taemin slowly undressing himself, it aroused him as piece by piece, the clothes were leaving the latter’s body, exposing milk-white skin, so fresh, so innocent, and untouched. He saw the blurry figure, disappearing in the bath tub, only the dump caramel light hair popped in his vision. Minho breathed, he didn’t even realize he wasn’t breathing anymore, as the young man’s figure made him a little bit insane. He finished his shower as quickly as possible, thinking he could play a little bit with the petite boy. 
 As the shower’s door opened, Taemin instinctively turned his head. He didn’t,  really he actually didn’t expect to see Minho completely naked, water dripping from his body, and what a damn fine, sexy, hot body he had. Taemin bit his lip and sank himself in the bath tub, hoping that the latter didn’t saw him, or his already heated face, red as chilly.  

 „ What’s wrong Minnie?” Minho asked amused from behind. 

 „ No...nothing.” Taemin mumbled, eyeing Minho, he was wearing a bath robe over his naked body, and he didn’t like to admit but damn he really preferred Minho in his birth suit, he would love to dispose of that robe soon. “Taemin, when did you start to have such thought. He’s your master!” He scurried himself. 

„ Need some help?” Minho knelt, taking a bottle of shampoo, pouring some in his hand. „ Come closer.” 

„ I can do it too master...”  

„ No, you can’t, your fingers are still injured, remember?”Minho said matter of fact, he didn’t accept a refuse, so  Taemin complied and approached the edge of the tub. He tried to keep his body in the water, wishing Minho couldn’t see anything, but he was wrong, oh so wrong. Since Minho’s plan worked, and this small gesture of skin ship brought his exactly where he wanted. He could touch that yearning skin, hands sometimes dipping in the water to clean Taemin’s hair, touching the latter’s body parts.  

 „ You know I still have my left hand” Taemin uttered as Minho was cleansing his hair. 

„ Exactly, you only have your left hand, what if that one was injured too.” Minho approached the latter’s ear. „ Do you really want me to take care of you that badly? I would do it even if you weren’t injured.”  

  „ I... I didn’t say that! „ Taemin shouted, raising from the water, delighting Minho with a wonderful view. 
 He smiled, enchanted, and left the bathroom, as Taemin hurriedly scoped back in , ashamed.  

„ Come in the kitchen when you’re finished!”  
 At a first look, the kitchen looked like always, then he saw the cleaning products, the clean table and dishes, and all the food from his fridge seemed to be  replaced with organic things. Wondering what happened, he remembered vaguely Key last night with the salesman from the shop nearby and the word „ you own be big time”. He also remembered that Taemin used the kitchen yesterday when he was sick, luckily Key cleaned the place very neatly, and it seems that he even made food for him, typical Key.  He took the bowls from the fridge, some orange juice, placing them on the table, and also making himself a coffee. He decided to call Key until the coffee was ready and Taemin came from the bath.  He went to his room, and after a quick search for his phone, he called. Something was weird though, Key picked up only at the last call.  

 „ Why are you interrupting my shopping session?” he snapped. 

„ Good morning to you too Key.” 

„ Be quick, I just saw a new Loui Vuitton collection” 

„ I wanted to thank you for cleaning the mess yesterday and for the food. And wait, you’re at shopping, alone? Did an earthquake hit Korea and I didn’t know? Or a tsunami? Is the end of the world coming? ” Minho asked surprised, looking outside his window to be sure 

„ Oh, I love you too darling.  No of course I’m not alone! Who do you think I am to carry all those bags by myself. That’s why I have Jonghyun.” 
„ The salesman, remember the guy from last night? In the end, I’ve got myself a puppy too, well a big, muscular, dog to be more precise. You can’t even imagine how hot he is when he kisses...” 

„ Don’t want to hear the details” Minho said quickly. 

„ What did you do with Taemin last night? Hope you didn’t took all his vitality”  

„ What... no! Key!”  

„ What? I was just asking, it’s completely normal.  And don’t blame be, I’ve seen how you’re looking at him. So how’s Taemin?” 

„ Taking a bath.” 

„ And why aren’t you inside the bath?” 

„ I was... I just took a short shower and let him relax more.” 

„ And you very implying that I was naughty.” 

„ I didn’t see anything, just caught a small glimpse of his body, that’s all!” 

„ Speaking of Taemin, bring him to the mall. He needs a new wardrobe.” 

„ I’ll talk with him about it. I’ll call you later, I think he’s coming from the bath.” 

„ I’m closing.” 

„ By.. Bye” Minho replied to the dead line, as Key already closed. 

He turned around only to be greeted by a soaking Taemin in a large bathrobe, hair neatly tucked in a tower. 

„ Master... I’m hungry!” 
 Minho smiled widely as they both went to the kitchen. The meal was simple yet delicious, they enjoyed every moment, every second with each other. 
„ Say... Taemin ,do you want to go shopping for clothes? Key insisted, and I believe he’s right, strangely. You need a wardrobe too, since my clothes don’t quite fit you, they’re obviously too big for you.”  

„ I don’t mind wearing what I have” Taemin took a spoonful of jam, leaving some on his upper lip. 
„ I can’t let you wear only that Minnie. And honestly it would be a pity,  considering the hot body you’re hiding underneath” Minho implied in a husky voice. „ You need some proper clothes to compliment those curves.  

Taemin blushed, squirming in his seat, looking down. 

 “Oh, you have some jam on your lip. Here, let me take it for you.” 
And obviously he leaned forward licking the jam from the latter’s lips, and after he turned his back telling the boy to come and get dressed so they can go at the mall. But surprisingly the task seemed more difficult than it sounded, since none on Minho’s clothes seemed to fit Taemin. The trousers were too big, the jeans looked like they were dragged. That until, exasperated, he remembered he still had a pair of tight black, ripped skinny jeans that Key gave him as a present on one of the diva’s shopping sessions. But he never wore them, since he disliked them, they implied showing a lot of skin, plus they were too damn tight, how could Key even walk in those kind of things was still a mystery to Minho.  
 After minutes of searching and a big pile already packed on the floor he finally found them. As he expected, the jeans looked so damn hot on Taemin, they hugged his curves, and those large cuts, through which you could see his skin, drive Minho almost at the edge, wanting him to ravish the boy. But he couldn’t, he just couldn’t. Now that the hard part was over, he let Taemin pick whichever shirt he liked, as Minho got dressed. Surprisingly, the loose shirts fitted Taemin perfectly, at least to Minho’s taste, because they were a little bit too large for the boy, the edge always dropped, exposing a silk like shoulder and those tempting collarbones, and that pale neck.  

„ We should go now.” The man announced.  
And soon enough they were leaving the apartment, entering Minho’s car and heading to the mall. 
 As they got to the mall, Taemin’s eyes widened, seeing people going in and out, there were hundreds of cars in the parking lot, it was a huge complex in witch life echoed. Probably that’s why Key loved to spend his time in such a place, because he was in the middle of life itself.


Until they got to were the cafeteria were Key and Jonghyun were waiting for them , Minho never let go of Taemin, as he kept his arm over the small one’s shoulder, pressing him tightly to his body, to make sure that he wouldn’t loose his pet.  

 „ There they are!” Taemin uttered happily, as Key was waving at them. 

„ Took you long enough!” Key greeted them. 

„ I had a hard time finding something suitable for Taemin to wear.” 

„ And, this” he gestured at Taemin’s outfit.” Is suitable for you?  We’re not going in a club Minho.” 
 Jonghyun’s mouth went agape at the sight of the small one, although Taemin wasn’t definitely his type, he had to admit, he looked hot. 
„And you better close your mouth. Last time I checked you were a dog, not a frog.” 

„ If you want, I can be the frog and you can be the fly” Jonghyun hugged Key from the back whispering into his ear placing a soft kiss of the latter’s neck. 

„ Yah! Not here! Not in front of Taemin!” Key snapped him. „ Anyway, Taemin, my baby, you look enchanting, but never, listen to me, never let Minho pick your clothes. The sweater fits though, did you pick it?”  

Taemin nodded happily. 

„Thought so. Well, you should keep the pants, when we’ll go in a club, or if you want to make Minho more aroused” Key whispered as Taemin blushed. 


„ Let’s go now! We’ve wasted a lot of time already!” he grabbed Taemin by the wrist, heading to the nearest shop.  

Minho sighed, as he turned to help Jonghyun with the bags. 

„ Let me help you.”  

„ No, I’m fine, they are not heavy.” 

„Oh, believe me, they will become. You haven’t seen anything yet” and Minho didn’t wait for a reply as he took some of the bags.” We have a long day ahead of us. Do you want a coke?” 

 A/N: This fic had only three parts, unfortunately, livejournal doesn't let me put the whole part three >.> it's too long, or so the error says. So I'll have to make a part four too. 
 Also thank you guys for commenting. It really means a lot to me honestly. *gives everyone cupcakes and a cup of tea*

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You are my pet [2 /3]

  Title: You are my pet [2-3]
  Pair: 2min, jongkey
 Raiting: PG-13
 Disclainer: I do not own anything ^_^
 Summary: Comiing back from work, Minho discovers an odd box
outside his apartment. There he finds an adorable, fluffy, cute guy, whom he decides to take care of.

 Part II 
 The ambiance was warm and comforting, Minho could get used to this. Having guests, chatting at dinner and to Taemin, staying at his place.  
 Everything felt so right, so perfect. After Key’s departure he was expecting Taemin to be already in bed, waiting to be tucked. He was a little surprised seeing the boy so flustered in from of him. 
„I... I guess I should go..” Taemin mumbled, head down. 
 Minho  smiled, cupping the younger’s cheeks, making him look straight into his eyes.  
„ Go where?” 
Well... umm.. in a pub maybe.. I’ll find something.” 
„ It’s freezing outside. And have you ever been in a pub before?”  
Taemin shook his head. 
„ Thought so. There are a lot of perverts lurking around there and with a face as pretty as yours you’ll be a perfect prey. So you see Taemin, I just can’t let you leave like this.  
He smiled, ruffling Taemin’s hair, grabbing his wrist , directing him to his bedroom.  
„ Plus, Key’s gonna kill me if I’ll let his „son” go outside in this cold. He’ll come over tomorrow and prepare another feast just for you.” 
 Taemin was taken aback, he didn’t know how to respond to Minho’s kindness, so he just let the later lead his life from now on.  
 „Minho... where will you sleep?” Taemin asked from underneath the covers, he was comfy tucked in the bed.  
„Don’t worry about me, I still have some unfinished work so I’ll be lucky if I get a hour of sleep.” 
„ Oh...” Taemin murmured, as sleep crept into his eyes. 
„ Good night Minnie” Minho whispered.  
 But Taemin was already asleep so didn’t hear Minho, nor the nickname, he was taken into the dream world, although he was already living in one. 
   The next day, Minho woke up from his hard sofa, as his body sting from the cold. He dismissed it, taking a pill and a warm shower. He made sure to leave Taemin his breakfast before he left to work. Although things didn’t work out as usual he absolutely refused to admit that he had a cold. He realized he was working a little bit slower than usual and he became quite frustrated because of that, even so he didn’t want to rest or go home. That until lunch when Key saw him.  
„ Go home” he said, more as an order than a friendly advice. 
„ Why should I go home?” 
„ Because you’re sick” he uttered as a matter of fact. 
„ I don’t feel sick.” 
 He put his hand on Minho’s forehead. 
„ Your body tells me otherwise. You have a fever too and you look nauseous. How did you manage to get a cold in the first place?  Last time I saw you sick it was back in collage when you used to play football in the middle of winter at -20 freaking degrees.” 
„ I don’t have any idea. Taemin looked quite cold when I finished my work and wanted to go to sleep so I put on him my blanket too. „ 
„ Couldn’t you just raise the heat genius?” Key rolled his eyes. „ Anyway... go home. I’ll take care of everything here. „ 
„ Key.. I don’t think I should...” 
„ Go, or I’ll call the ambulance to pick you up/ or I’ll beat you, tie you up and send you home neatly rapped.” 
 Minho sighed and nodded as Key smiled slyly.  
„ I’ll come when I’m finished here to take care of you! And don’t give Taemin the cold! He shouted as Minho was already far. 
 When he got home Taemin was running all around him, worried like a little puppy that doesn’t know what to do when his master is sick so he just runs around his feet waiting for an order. Minho just patted him uttering: 
„ I only need some rest. Key will come over later”  
 As he crashed in the bed, the boy took Minho’s shoes off and the jacked. He could even see the shape of Minho’s abs tracing fine lines underneath the shirt. He gulped, tucking his master, as his heart skipped a beat, seeing him sick like this. His face was hot, his forehead burned and he was breathing heavily. Taemin went to the kitchen to make some soup, but despite his hopes and wishes of succeeding, this was Taemin we were taking about.  

Minho almost choked from the first spoon of soup, only stopping when Taemin worriedly ran to gave his master a glass of water.  

„ What did you put in it?” 

„ Well... things that make you feel good when you eat them, things that make you smile. Like honey, milk and banana and oranges and I found a cute fish in the fridge and some ramen in the drawer. Is it good? ’’ 

„ It is good, if you want to kill a dragon” Minho smiled and Taemin lowered his head.” Do you really want me to stay with you in bed so badly? That’s why you want to make me sicker? He inquired grabbing the boy by his wrist, pulling the covers over them.  

He buried his face into Taemin’s soft hair, snuggling, whispering in a husky sleepy tone: 

„ If that’s what you want then I’m all yours.” 
 When Key finally arrived, snow visibly all over his clothes, he has cold and quite pissed off. As soon as he closed the door be continued rambling about the snow who just kept coming and coming and that he almost got hit by a car in his way here, that Minho owns him big time and a lot of other things. His voice almost reaching shrill tone of anger since be didn’t receive any warm welcomes or help since he sacrificed his Friday night to come over on this ungodly weather to take care of Minho. But he suddenly stopped at the edge of throwing a fit when he saw Taemin and Minho cuddled in the bed, covered by a lot of blankets, they were so close to each other their noses almost touched, as Minho has his hand over the latter’s waist, keeping him close to his chest, a slight smile on his lips showed his satisfaction.  

Key couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at the adorable sight in front of him. 

„ Well... raising the heat wouldn’t have definitely gave  you this opportunity. Good play Keroro.” 

And he closed the door slightly, making sure not to make any noise to wake the two men up, but as soon as he put that in his head he entered the kitchen and a sudden shriek left his lips, as cussed and taunt about the mess. The dirty dishes weren’t even in a pile in the sick, they were all around the room, from the cupboards, to the table and even the floor, flour was scattered on the table, an egg was lying on the floor,  while little fingerprints could be seen on every little place, even the oven was damaged, and of course to make even more wonderful it seemed that almost all the things than were in the fridge miraculously disappeared, a lot of them were on the table , which a good part had to be disposed of, from the cartoon of milk that spilt on the floor, from the beans and corn to the half oranges and eaten banana skins. Seriously now? If a tornado crashed here it couldn’t have made such a mess.  
 Key sighed, guessing he just had a little more, well a lot more work to do then he initially thought. He couldn’t live the mess like this so he looked for the necessary cleaning products, but just as he thought, Minho didn’t have any, nor in the kitchen, nor bathroom, nothing. Just his luck. He looked at his wristwatch. It was almost 9 o’clock. It should be open at the shop nearby, it wasn’t like he had another choice either, so he grabbed his jacket again and when into the freezing weather of late January.  

„ I so fucking hate winter” Key mumbled under his breath as he entered the shop. 

The bell jingled, echoing in the room, there wasn’t anyone else other then Key and the salesman in the shop, and  it was quite logic, Who would go on a weather like this outside? Even if the End would have come, or the penguins and polar bears would have started a fight he wouldn’t have gone outside, but this was a dirty kitchen we were talking about, it couldn’t wait any longer.  He went to the cleaning things, glancing at every object as the salesman creep to him, appearing behind him, as Key’s heart almost jumped from the ribcage from the fright. 

„ May I help you?”  

„ No thank you. I can manage it myself.” 

„ Please, let me. It’s not  like I have anything else to do” he shrugged, taking Key’s basket. 
 Key shrugged, it’s not like he was going to refuse him, if he so politely insisted in caring his grocery basket. So he spent another half of hour there, buying groceries to refill Minho’s fridge and drawers and a lot of cleaning things. Minho really owns him a lot.  As he paid for everything, just then he saw the big smile on salesman lips, and those deep glistening eyes, looking straight at him.  

„ Want some help?”  

Key looked at the bags, they sure looked quite heavy, he realized only now how many things he bought and the problem was how the heck he was going to carry all of them to Minho’s apartment?  Well... it’s rude to refuse people, it’s not like he’s taking advantage of the stranger. So he shrugged his shoulders and accepted. It’s not like he was going to refuse free transport.  

The blonde guy smile widened, and grabbed the bags without any effort as they were so light. He closed the shop and they walked their way in silence to the apartment, Key cussing from time to time about the cold, as the blonde chuckled.  

As they got to the apartment, they put the bags   beside the kitchen, as Key hurriedly began to scrabble around in search for the cleaning products.  

„ Wow, did a tornado came in or what? The blonde whistled, entering in the kitchen. 

„ I wish it would” Key said, throwing the things from the table into the trash bin.  

„ It’s gonna take a while. Want some help?” 

„ No. Thank you, I can handle this on my own.” 

„ Are you sure? It’s not like I have anything better to do. Give me anything to do and I’ll do it, I can mop the floors quite good, the female customers told me that” 

 „ Perfect, the things you need are in the bags. Bathroom is the last door on the hall.” 
 Although he agreed to mop the floors, to work, what guy would want to spent his Friday night after a tiring shift at the shop, moping the floors at a stranger’s apartment. This guy was odd. Even so, Key wouldn’t say he was a creep or pervert, he just looked too funny and cute when he sang and hummed when he forgot the words, and danced and turned around and swigged his hips to the rhythm. He looked quite hot, Key had to admit biting his lip, glancing at the stranger.  

 „ You have an amazing voice” Key uttered, when the guy finished mopping the floor, and began to place the groceries in the fridge. 

„ Thank you, many have told me that.” 

„ Do you give this kind of show every day when you mop the shop?” 

„ What show...oh, you mean the singing and dancing. It’s in my nature, I don’t even realize I do it.” 

„ If you put up that show every time you hold a mop, I can’t imagine what you would do with a broom or a dust cleaner. You’re handy and entertaining at the same time.  Cleaning robots would learn from you. „ Key admitted in awe. 

 The blonde hit his fingers as he was just closing the door when Key said that. „ Cleaning man? Honestly.. he sure has a good taste when it comes to hot guys but this one sure is dim, dammit. Most of the girls would be head over heels by now just from his smile and puppy dog look eyes. 

He sighed, and looked at his stinging fingers. 

 „ Do you have any bandage I could use?” 

„ Why? What happened? Oh, not you too.” Key uttered and took the blonde guy by his wrist to the bathroom.  

 There, the door opened as a tall, brunette looked at them surprised. 

„ I thought you went home.” 

„ Wanted to, but I couldn’t leave a sick guy alone. How’s your cold?” 

„ A lot better. Guess Taemin’s dragon killing soup actually worked. 

„ Glad to hear that. It destroyed the kitchen on the other hand too. Just so you know you owe  me big time.” 

„ Thought I would. By the way isn’t this the guy from the shop? How did you drag him here?” 

„ Good evening ” Jonghyun bowed, finally being introduced n the conversation. So this guy had a boyfriend. Well... it was quite obvious, he just looked too good not to be taken.” 

„ Hi” Minho waved. „ Well, I better go to Taemin.” 

„ Yeah... he might freeze without you. Told you to turn the heater higher.”  

„ Why should I? I have someone who turns the heat on the room just by standing in the very same bed with me.” Minho said mockingly. 

„ Yah! You’re lucky he’s 19, otherwise I would have called you a pedobear.” 
And with that Key dragged  the blonde guy by his wrist to the bathroom, pointing him to stay put on the small table for towers.  

„ Is that guy your boyfriend?” he asked. 

„ Minho? God, no, from where the heck did you get that idea? We’re high school friends and  colleagues at work now. Nothing more.” 

„ You guys seemed pretty close.” 

„ Well I cook for him, we hang around quite often, he can’t stand hypocrites and doesn't like to hang around women, so I’m the only choice he has, plus he’s the only one who dares to carry my bags when I drag him to shop on Saturdays.” Key shrugged his shoulders, looking carefully to put the bandage perfectly on the blonde's wound, as he put some lineament. It stung him, and he hitched slightly, wincing from pain.  

„ You should really pay more attention to your surroundings” 

 And as he said that the blonde’s have lowered to Key’s shining face, he looked so concentrated, pale skin, soft lips, fluttering eyelids, and hazel nut eyes, and his hair was so neat, not even a single bang was out of it’s place.  

„ Do you have a boyfriend?”  

„ Don’t have time for one. Plus it’s hard to find a good one these days. It’s rare to put your hands on a good looking and loyal boyfriend, it’s even rarer than a Gucci, polar bear 2012 bag, only 50 were made. And I’m managed to put my hands on one of those yesterday.” Key said proudly, finally finishing with his work,  lifting his head, only to find  the blonde’s looking straight into his eyes. 

„ Maybe that’s not the only thing you’ve managed to put your hands on.” 
And he hold Key’s chin and closed the slight distance between them, as their lips met. The kiss was soft, warm and it felt so right, it wasn’t nasty nor endearing. It ended as soon as it started.  

 „ So what do you say? Do you want to own a boyfriend next to that Gucci polar bear bag? The blonde inquired.           

„ Do you come with a leash too?” Key smiled, grabbing the man by his neck and taking him down on the floor,  their lips and tongues meting in a hot long fight for the next half an hour.

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You are my pet - 2min [1 / ?]

Title: You are my pet -2min[ 1/ ?]

Pairing : 2min,  jongkey

Rating : PG-13

Genre : fluff

Disclaimer : I do not own anything^_^

Summary : Coming back from work, Minho discovers an odd box outside his apartment. There he finds an adorable, fluffy, cute guy, whom he decides to take care of.

A/N: I wanted to make something cute and fluffy since everything that I wrote had a small hint of tragedy and ends up bad. I'm bored, it's still snowing outside.  I'm starting to get a headache from the book since I lost the track, so I opened my computer and since there's nothing to do on it except reading and writing. I thought I might just give it a shot and see what it will become. ( inspired by "you are my pet - korean version) 
Here goes nothing... 
 It was snowing outside and the wind blew rather harshly. It hadn't  snowed all winter and it suddenly started in February. The snowflakes were dancing in the air, they were displaying a beautiful waltz, with their sparkling  whiteness. Everything was covered in white, it was such a beautiful sight.  
But Minho didn't thought that. Since he was a responsible adult, with chores, , attorneys to take care of, cases to pull through. He cursed the weather forecast for  being wrong again. Damn it,  did  this look like rain to them? The road is fucking frozen and he didn't even put his winter wheels and he hoped he wouldn't meet the cops or get into an accident. The road was blocked as usual, he wasn't the only one that  was caught off guard. The cars were  moving slowly, and damn it this day  couldn't get any worse. 
When he finally arrived home, after three  hours spent in the traffic, he  just couldn't wait to take a hot bath and finish his assignments and papers that was waiting for him on his desk.   
 He parked his car and hurried on the stairs, and as he was fishing his key from his pocket he caught a glimpse of a cartoon box in which were o a bunch cloth and fabrics. He really had to talk with their neighbors about disposing their garbage.  
Everything went smooth, just as he planned, a few hours later he finish all his papers and all that was left was to print his assignment, but it looked like this day could indeed get worse, since he was out of paper. Luckily the store nearby was opened until until 12 o'clock. So he grabbed his jacket and hurried outside.  

 It seemed that fate just wanted to play with Minho today. As he got back, snowflakes covering his from head to toe, hands cold, he searched for the key. A little sneeze broke the silence as Minho responded from instinct " Get well" and someone mumbled " Thank you" and he coughed after.  
 He entered his apartment , walked a few steps, thought for a second as he just comprehended what just happened, and hurried back again opening the door with a loud thud.   
" Don't you know this is a private property?" he started accusingly he kind of startled the little this as it was trembling  feverly in the box. 

 " I'm sorry sir, I didn't know. I was just staying here for the night, since I don't have anywhere to go to." he responded voice trembling 
"  And what do you think this is? A shelter? Go outside and look for one" 

" That's from where I'm coming Sir. I've just turned 19, so I can't stay there anymore." 
 Minho sighed.  
" Fine , you may stay here.  " 

He  turned on his heels and closed the door. And another thought came in his mind and for the second time he ran opening the door. 
" Say... are you sure you're fine out there?"  

" Yes, Sir, thank you for the question" he answered, coughing fervently.  
Minho looked at the thing and his heart  melted a little. He seemed harmless, he didn't want to have this guy on his conscience, what if he  would see his frozen to death tomorrow.  
" Would you like to come in? I have a spare bed." he tried. 

" No Sir, I don't want to bother you. I'm fine here" and he sneezed. 

 " Are you sure you don't want to? It's rather cold here..." 

" No, thank you Sir, I don't want to be of any bother to anyone." 
' Do as you please"  

And as he closed the door for the third time, he ran to it again frustrated, mumbling something indistinguishable. He took the the box in which the boy was staying. The later was startled, but didn't have the time to say anything as he found himself in a large cozy living room.  

" You'll stay here for the night" Minho announced. " I don't want the neighbors to think that I trow you away or something" 
 The little took of his furry hat and oversized jacket and Minho was caught aback by the sight in from of his eyes. He was speechless, looking with awe at the boy in front of him as he bowed politely and thank him saying he was kind and that God with bless him for his gesture. 
 For a moment, the later caught small glances at the handsome man in front of him not knowing what do say or do, waiting politely to be instructed.  
" Oh.. you... you can go and take a shower. Are you hungry? I'll make you something." 
" No, there's no need" but soon enough his stomach grumbled and Minho chuckled.  
" The bathroom is at the end of the hall, and you'll find the towers beside he shower on the table.  I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything" he sad with a smile on his face. 
A few minutes later, the small boy entered the kitchen with a  loose tower hanging around his hips, as clutched on the other towel that hang on his shoulders, trying not to expose too much skin.  
Minho coughed at the view, as the later looked worried at him. 

" Are you ok Sir?" 
He dismissed everything with his  hand as he regained his composure. But for the entire time the petite guy ate pleased, giving Minho small smiles, praising his cooking, he couldn't help but catch a glimpse of the guy's  milky white skin, as small drops of water that didn't evaporate yet made it sparkled. He was slim and his abdomen just left your mouth agape.  

 " I'm finished" he announced, a large smile spread of his face. 
Minho snapped out of his awe and scurried up.  

"  I'll show you your bed then. " He walked down the hall with the boy fallowing him, the tower was touching the ground while he made petite steps, running rapidly to catch Minho, clenching on the other tower. 
" Here it is. Oh, and I'll give you some pajamas. "  

He handed them to the boy and they said their goodnights. Minho scurried in his office printing his work, unfortunately he found a lost paper on the ground and since he wasn't quite sleepy he thought he should finish it too before he went to sleep.  
 Meanwhile, the petite boy couldn't quite fall too sleep. The sheets were warm and smelt like the ocean combined with the  tickling breeze of the mountain trees. The room was big, too big for his liking, since he wasn't used to so much space. He used to sleep with 20 children in a single room, cramped together in 10 beds. He rolled on one side of the bed, and then the other, until he was caught up in the sheets and couldn't  get them loose. He struggled a little and hopped town the bed, seeing the light from the hall, he jumped his way until he sought Minho's office. The man was too occupied to acquaintance the boy's presence so the later wanted to get closer but as he was entangled in the sheets he fell on the floor the loud thud waking Minho to reality. 
"Are you ok?" he jumped off his seat, helping the young one. 
" You know... it's unhealthy to stay up late at night" he murmured, massaging his head.  
Minho couldn't help but chuckle at the cute sight in front of him. The sheets were sprawled all over the floor as the boy cutely frown, displeased by the slight pain,. His pajamas were cute loose, so Minho could see the boys shoulder, skin like silk, white as milk, he bit his lip and hurriedly helped the later to get up, tucking him in bed again. 
" Are you going to sleep too?" he murmured, sleep was finally taking over his eyes. 

" I am. Don't worry about me" Minho smiled, stroking the boy's caramel hair gently. 

" Now?"  

" Now." 
Ok then.." he mumbled, blinking. " By the way... thank you for letting me sleep here.. umm.. excuse me but what's your name?"sleep crept with every sound he  said.,his eyes were now shut, breath steady. 

" Minho. Choi Minho." he murmured, stroking the later's hair. " And you are...?" he left the question hanging in the air, guessing that he'll find out tomorrow., but after a few minutes as he stood up the boy murmured. 

" Taemin.. I'm Taemin." and he turned on the other side deeply asleep. 
Minho couldn't help it, but smile widely as he went to the living room to sleep as he promised.  
 The next morning Minho woke up earlier than usual, he went on his usual jogging, took his shower, ate his breakfast and prepared a nutritional one for his quest, leaving a small note on the table " Good morning sleeping beauty, enjoy your breakfast."  
 Everything went on as usual, that until lunch when he met his friend Kibum.  

" What have you been up to?" the later asked as he caught the look in his eyes, placing his tray on the table. 

" I've worked till 1 o'clock, and got crammed in the traffic yesterday. Nothing much" Minho replied. 

" And with whom have you been till 1 o'clock?" 

" The papers, they've kept me company all night." he responded ironically. 

" Are you going to beat around the bush any longer? I know you've been with a guy. Don't lie.. It's written all over your face!" 

" I'll never get how you do that" he sighed. 

" Now spill" Kibum smiled pleased. 

" Well, I've found a guy yesterday in a box in front of my door. He's an orphan as he told me, so I took him in my apartment. " 

" So, you've adopted a stray dog?" 

" More like a puppy." Minho smiled at the reminisce of the boy. 

" And you're head over heels for him." a devilish grin spread on his face. " I definitely have to meet him today." he announced, not waiting for Minho's approval. 

" Wait I'm not.. and who says you can come over..." 

" Good, then it's decided. See you at five" he smiled sheepishly and stood up, leaving Minho without reply. 
When Key arrived in Minho's apartment, he was a little bit too excited for Minho's linking at the sight of the boy.  

" What an adorable little puppy you've got Minho. I wish I could find one at the corner of the street too. You're so cute, what's your name darling?  
T..Taemin Sir..." the boy replied, taken aback.  

He was just sitting in the sofa, watching TV, waiting for Minho to come back so he could  say goodbye. He guessed it would have been impolite to just  leave like that, after all the warmth the man treated him with. Plus, the door was open and he didn't have the key to lock it, so he just couldn't life like this. What if burglars  came? So he convinced himself to stay, but his heart was skipping a beat every time he thought of the man who gave him a shelter, he really wanted to see him again, just for once.  
 " Key, you're scaring him"   Minho said annoyed, grabbing Key by his shoulder.  
The said man looked at Minho like he was some kind of pest with his deadly glare and Minho backed down, rolling his eyes. Then he directed his gaze at Taemin again all sunshine and jumped off the sofa announcing. 

" Are you hungry? Well, of course you are, it's time for supper after all, I'll prepare you a feast. Come on, you can help me cut the potatoes. " and he raised his hand for Taemin to take it. 
Minho just followed them around, watching them devastating his kitchen, chuckling at Taemin's clumsiness and awkwardness as he tried to cut the pates as Key instructed. Luckily Key has his eyes everyone and prevented Taemin from almost slicing off his finger, and  put him to do another task, to grater the cheese, this looked safer enough. Taemin looked so cute with his white apron, hair tucked in a ponytail as some of his bangs were hiding his beautiful sparkling eyes. Even so, the said boy managed to make grating cheese a death experience as he managed to grater a little bit of the skin from his finger. Key jumped out of his skin, and yelled at Minho to take the first aid kid, and take Taemin outside the kitchen, afraid he might get into another accident. 
"I'm sorry for what I did.. I didn't meant to..." 

 But Minho stopped him, cupping his cheeks, smile never living his face. 

" All done. " the later announced, as he made a bow at Taemin's bandaged fingers.  
And it was a perfect timing as Key announced the dinner was ready. It sure was fun the have his friend at his home again, bitching around about table manners,  taking care of Taemin, giving his plenty of vegetables as the later refused to eat them. The atmosphere was lively and it felt so, so real and live really looked perfect. 

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White paper cranes [part 1]
Title: White paper cranes [part 1]
Author: limmet
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: 2min
Summary: We tend to forget about what real happiness consists of.
  " You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.
   You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. "
                                                                                                     - Albert Camus

He's a dreamer so all he has are hopes and wishes. And there's the busy, hectic guy, that never has time to watch the world that passes by him.

It is said that if you fold 1000 paper cranes your wish will be granted.
Usually everyone wishes for health , forever lasting love, quick recovery, but the boy from our story didn't want any of that, his wish was different, special if you could call it like that, eerie or bizarre. But whatever you thought of it, it was in the end, a wish of a human being. Each of us has his own wish, we set our goal in life and work towards accomplishing it.
And so he did, or... not quite.

A park.
But in this park there wasn't neither a swing nor a sandbox.
In this park there weren't any children. There wasn't any laughter, so in the end happiness left.
Despite the warm sun that kept tickling the leafs, making them rock back and forth, the trees looked dull and inexpressive. They looked exactly like what they were. Trees. And nothing else. Not those fairy like nymphs that the children were imagining them to be, neither some dancing silhouettes or singing artists. Not even the giants that mistreated earth so they were doomed by the gods to live like trees forever. They weren't moving trees, wise trees or living trees at all.
They looked like they were brought from a painting of a depressed person, and that is a huge compliment to describe them.
Because the scenery wasn't sad nor happy, it was plain, colorless and dull.

This is why a little boy liked this park, because it was unusual. It was quiet, a nice comforting silence that embraces you, but at the same time you could hear in the distance a small noise made by cars, or the fake laughter of the students when they finally finished school. And occasionally you could see a person or two passing by.
But there was only one soul which you could see almost daily in that park. A lost little soul with pin straight, honey colored hair, a small waist, and a strangely skinny body, and in this season he always wore oversized sweaters that were dragging him to the ground.

He wanted to remain unnoticed, but as much as he wanted that, it didn't happen because, well... how could absolutely no one, eye him, since he was sitting daily on the same bench from sunset to dawn?
Like I said, a few people walked around the park and they were usually elder people, who grew older with the trees, they became rusty like the benches, and eventually they were forgotten like the park itself.
Although I said that, a new figure found the secret path to this specific place. He was wondering the streets in a hurry one day, because he was late for school. So he decided to pick another route, hoping that it will lead him where he needed. And it did.
Maybe it was luck, maybe he just guessed right, or maybe... the park itself wanted to help this new soul that decided to walk through it, hoping that it will rise again, that it will be full of laughter and happiness, just like the old days whom only the elder remembered vaguely.

Since that day, Minho took that route through the park. Even so, he was always in a hurry, so he didn't took notice of the leafs that were swinging back and forth every time he run in, the sun that wanted to give him a warm welcome, the fall breeze that tickled his black hair. He wasn't the type to believe in those fairy like stories, he had problems and a social life, a part time job, school to attend, and... something else. So why would be even bother to look at it? It looked just like the other parks. Benches, trees, trash cans, leafs, nothing special, nothing new, nothing extraordinary.

But there was one little boy that knew all about this. Our lost soul whom was startled at first when he saw the new presence in his sanctuary.
" What is this guy doing here?"
He thought at first, but he erased the thought, thinking that maybe he just got lost and won't come again tomorrow.
But that didn't happen. That guy came the next day and the day after. Our little soul wasn't scared or anything like that, he was just pissed. Because that tall figure with his keroro eyes was always stumbling in the morning, destroying even the most peaceful day and in the afternoon, his heavy breathing could be sensed miles away, announcing that a gigantic form was on his way there. This guy was always on a run, it was like he was on a never ending marathon, Taemin wouldn't be surprised if that guy was running in his dreams.

A week passed and the little boy was really annoyed. He had somewhere to go to for a couple of days, so he wanted at least a final relaxing day. And since it was Sunday maybe, just maybe it will be possible. But it seems like he wanted too much.

" Running again, figures. God, doesn't he know another path than this?" he mumbled and a folded sheet flew from his hands. He sit up kneeling to get it from the ground when he realized...

" Oh shit"

There was a bump and some indistinguishable mumbles coming from the two figures that were now both on the ground, grumbling about their injured body parts and one of them even had a pretty big bruise.

" Great way to start a day" the little boy said with one hand on his head massaging it slowly.

" Sorry, I'm in a hu..." Minho began, but was cut off.

" Hurry. Figures. Like always. You're always running around up and down with your heavy breath and dinosaur like weight that even the trees are shaking. I'm surprised that none of them didn't fall yet."

" Wha... What did you...?" he was definitely taken aback.

" You heard me! If you weren't so block headed and blind you would have seen me! I'm sure a herd of oxen would see me. And their eyes are smaller, compared to your big owl eyes. Why do you even have big eyes if you don't use them?"

" You were the one in the middle of the street. And from what you said you saw me. And what do you have with my looks now? Just so you know many girls from school want me."

" Oh, excuse me Don Juan for not being able to recognize a beauty, it seems that my standards are lower. But if this..." and he glanced at Minho ." .. is the the highest quality, then I'll pass."

" You sure don't know how to recognize the best slice of meat when you see it " Minho said proudly.

" Do you realize you just made yourself a raw slice of meat don't you? So I don't see what's the difference between you and an ox. Oh.. yeah, they can make use of their eyes."he said puffing in his face.

Minho was flushed, this little figure really knew how to play with him and it had some frustrating guts also.This was a first, and what the heck is his problem anyway with how he looks? His eyes are perfectly normal, or at least that's how he saw them.

" Well if you have such an amazing eye sight, then why did you came in the middle of the road anyway? "

" Well if I stayed still you would've run over this!" and he took out from underneath him a piece of white cramped paper.

" Oh.. a piece of paper, that's really worth risking your life for" Minho said sarcastically.

" It's not just a piece of paper, it's... Ah, forget it. You're not worth my time." the small figure sighed, trying to push the boy that was sitting on him. Now that he noticed they were pressed to each other and he a hard time breathing since a dinosaur was sprawled over him, that guy sure weighted a lot indeed.

" Well, excuse me for not being able to be as wise as you are your highness. But just so you know I'm an A student... umm..." he didn't even knew the person's name.
Even so they were quarreling over such a minor problem. Minho wasn't like this, not at all, but this person had something different, or maybe it was just because this was his first time quarrel with a stranger in the middle of a park, in the beginning of the morning. This was something new, thrilling, and surely strange.
When the person screamed in his ear, he acknowledged their current position.

" And why the heck would I care about that? Just get off of me you big ugly frog! "he said trying without any success to push him over. Great way to start a day. Squished by a gigantic frog.

" Ah, sorry I just..." Minho was mumbling and his movements were uncertain.

" Just get off already I can't breathe!" he finally said.

Then Minho realized that the person had indeed a very slim body covered with an extremely over sized sweater, he was surprised that he could even sit up, that those thin legs can lift his weight. Than again, the clothes probably weighted more then him, or her... He wasn't quite sure what he was yet, because he had the built of a guy, but he never saw a guy so slim and his hair was a little bit too long for a boy. It had a honey like color and it was definitely dyed but it really fitted her/him. And he couldn't take his eyes of those thin fingers that grabbed the paper and that pretty white skin which seemed like it was glowing in the sun light.

" Sorry again for what happened, I'm not like this usually. I..."

" Why are you even standing there? the small figure asked, taking a seat on his bench trying to straighten the piece of paper. " Don't you have somewhere to run to?"

" Oh shit, the soccer practice." Minho said looking at his watch he realized he was indeed late.

He began to run again forgetting to say goodbye to the stranger, but then again why would he? That was after all just a stranger and their meeting was an accident. That's all, a simple accident followed by a bitter quarrel. It wasn't as if they will meet again, or so he thought...
But a thought kept bothering him.

" Hurry. Figures. Like always.You're always running around up and down ..."

Does that mean that he/ her saw him? That she or he was there all along, in those weeks when he passed through that park? Then.. why didn't he saw anybody? Why didn't he noticed?

Maybe it was because Minho doesn't look at all at what life has to offer, he himself is not living, always in a run, with chores, with school, with his own problems, that he forgot how it is to just stay still and breathe, to capture the moment and immortalize it. He forgot how it is to enjoy the blooming flowers in the spring, the cold breeze in the summer, the falling leafs in the autumn and the white snowflakes that dance in the winter.
As strangely as it seems he was always in a battle with time, but time itself wasn't his enemy, it wasn't even a battle. He decided to make it. He was just lost, and so, time stopped for him too, at least for his living self.

On Monday's, Wednesdays' and Saturday's Minho went to the hospital. Not because he was sick, maybe it would've been better that way, he thought sometimes. It was due to his mother sickness, he would've stayed there and take care of her if he could. But she didn't allow it, she wanted her son to experience life. He was still young. While she had her time to live, she experienced a part of what life had to offer, and achieved happiness. She had an amazing son, a beautiful daughter and a loving husband. She felt sorry for them, she regretted the fact that Minho had to take a part time job at night just to pay her fees. And her husband had to go overseas soon, because Minho will graduate and their son must concentrate on studying. It was hard, but they managed it somehow.
She wasn't the melodramatic type of woman that transforms her life in a drama.
A life can look perfect from one's eyes but imperfect from another's.

It was Monday, the day after Minho's accident and he was rushing, like always, nothing new in this, to the hospital since his last class ended. But this time he wasn't running because he was in a hurry, he just wanted to see that person again and apologize for his rudeness. He didn't look at all at the path, if he would've he should've seen that little body in the middle of it.
He was stressed about it since he wanted to do this in the morning. Minho even woke up earlier, but no one came, so he hoped that maybe it was just too early and the stranger didn't woke up yet. But as he continued to presume, new explanations gave him new questions to think about.

" Why is he always there?"; " Doesn't he have school to attend?"; " Does he have a family?"; " Is he a poor street guy?"; " Is he starving?"; " Was he always there?" " Why wasn't he there now?"; " Is it because of our encounter?"; " Did he had an accident?".

He stopped his train of thoughts saying that he was ridiculous saying stupid things like these.
But when he arrived his concern grew, as he was greeted by an empty bench and the cold breeze of autumn. Then a thought crossed his mind." Maybe he changed his place, maybe he's somewhere around here, maybe..."

So he wandered around the park, but somehow he knew that no one was there, he was lying himself. But why? Why was it so important for him to apologize to someone he didn't even know. Minutes pass, and it's already been a half an hour since he was running around like a lost dog. He couldn't continue like this, he had to leave and go to the hospital eventually.
With a sigh he took one last glance to that bench when he saw something...
It was a little, white sheet of folded paper.

" It looks like a boat" he thought analyzing it.  But why does it have this sharp little fold here then? It looks like a head. Maybe it's a pterodactyl or... hmm... a goose. It does look like a bird, or some sort of prehistoric dinosaur. "

He put it in his pocket. Somehow he felt warm inside, like that person's soul was with him, but then again he would've been happier if he had found the person in flesh and bones and not a shattered piece of his soul.

At the hospital, he figured his sister was tired of waiting for him at the entrance so she went to their mother's room.
" Hey mom. " he greeted the old lady, tossing his bag on the table. " How are you feeling?"

" Fine sweetheart. " was all she said, completely concentrated on her task.

" What are you two doing there?"

" Paper cranes! " his little sister said excited showing her brother a folded figure that he saw previously. He went to the zoo before he saw cranes, he saw pictures in his encyclopedia too, and that definitely didn't look like a crane.

" It looks more like a goose or pterodactyl to me."

" You don't know how to appreciate art Minho" she puffed cutely and Minho smiled ruffling her hair.

" Yah, stop that! You're ruining my hair."

" As if there was something to ruin."

" Mooom, Minho's picking on me again! "

" Aish, Minho.. leave your sister alone. " the lady said, making one last fold and looking at her crane proudly. " Finished! What do you think Minho?"

" Sorry mom, it still looks like a goose to me. "

" I told you before " just close your eyes but keep your mind wide open". she sighed.

" Bridge to Therabithia" Julie completed. " Mom when are you going to stop quoting from movies? "

" What? That was a great movie" she tried to defend herself.". You guys should live more, feel more, see more. " she puffed.

" Mom, life isn't one of your fairy tales! "

" Of course it isn't darling. I never said that. Life is the chance to create your own fairy tale."

" Mom! I'm already ten, dad's going to leave, Minho's going to go to collage soon." Julie shouted, tears forming in her eyes while her cheeks became red. "A- and... what if... you're going to leave too? What am I going to do? Grow up already!"

" Sweetheart. Come here" their mother said with her arms wide open and a tender, calm, lovely smile on her face. Maybe it was her kindness or the little child that never left her soul, either way she always had a calming effect on people. Sometimes she acted like a child, more than Julie or Minho, like a little four year old, telling them the strangest things. Stories about magical creatures like nymphs, brownies, pixies, faerys, hobs, and some of them gave them nightmares too, like banshees, the howlers, the haunts, adoros. She liked to believe in those sorts of things even at her age. But at the same time she knew when to act like a grown up, when one of her kids deserved to be scolded or on the rare occasions when someone will piss her off, well... then...
"When angels go bad they are worse than anyone else. Remember Lucifer used to be an angel." she tended to quote.

I'm not saying she's an angel on a daily basis, she's kind of annoying reminding you to eat your vegetables as if they're still 5. And it's not as if she's going to kill someone or anything like that, heavens no!
Just that... she can be really creepy and very very scary when she's mad, even the tone when she said that quote freaked Minho and Julie out.

" Sweetheart I'm not going to leave you any time soon. " she tried to shush her daughter's sobs, rocking her back and forth. " You have to grow strong and make your own life, I won't stay with you forever you know that. Sonner or later we all must part."

" I don't want to! I don't wanna..." she mumbled burring her head in her mothers chest.

Minho sighed, taking a sit on the bed and stroking his sister's back slowly.

" You gotta live/ You gotta learn/ You cannot quit/ Because it hurts"

July mumbled something, choking her last sobs. " Mom is contagious. She's quoting from movies and you're quoting from songs. God, people, read some books will you?! "

" There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another " - Alexandre Dumas. Ha! And you said I didn't read books. " their mother said triumphantly.

" Aish... mooooooom... "

" Come here you little... "

" And there they go again" Minho said giggling watching the tickling fight, and the result wasn't always the same, so he didn't knew what to expect.
So he just took a sit in the chair next to the bed watching the scene amused, with a wide smile on his face. That, until his mother decided that Minho was grinning too much so Julie and her attacked him with their experienced tickling techniques, that Minho didn't stand a chance.

On the other side of the glass a boy was smiling at the scene that was playing in front of him.
" They sure do look happy." a voice startled him from behind and the boy quivered.

" Next time announce me when you come. God, Krystal you always have the creepiest ways of showing up. Are you sure you didn't train to be a ninja before? Where the heck do you hide? If it's not in the shadows than I really don't know. "

" I'm not a creep." she puffed her cheeks, offended. " You're just a scary cat."

" You're going to give me a heart attack one day"

" We wouldn't want that would we?" she giggled.

" The doctor wants to see me?" he asked his gaze completely directed to the persons that were laughing and having fun together.

" Yes, he does. Is it someone you know?"

" Not quite. But I guess you could put it like that." he sighed and turned his back to the glass. " Let's go."

As they walked through the white corridors, people were going in and out from all the rooms. There were heavy coughs, people agonizing in pain, nurses and doctors running all over the place. It was noisy and sick and the boy hated this place.

" What's keeping your mind so occupied? Krystal asked looking in his eyes. " Or should I ask who? she said sheepishly with a wide smile on her face.

" Sometimes I wonder how did you become a nurse. Because that was the stupidest thing you said today. " he deadpanned.

" Oh come on, you have to fall for someone at one point. Plus you're at the age when you should get a girlfriend already. Aish.. you're too cute for your own good" she said cupping his cheeks.

" Keep insisting, it's not like it's going to get you anywhere. "

They walked in silence until they reached the elevator, but something was still on his mind and it tore him from the inside.

" What's wrong? "

" It's just... nothing."

She rolled her eyes. " Sure, and you think I'm going to leave you alone in your misery and ignore the fact that something is bothering you. Spill it or I'm going to cupp your cheeks until they become red. Remember what happened last time? "

" You're evil you know that. " he sighed. " You should take care of your patients not molest them ."

" Hey, I am. What if my patience had a heart attack or he encountered some new disease and he didn't want to bother anyone with it. See, I do care. "

" Sure you do." he giggled. He was indeed lucky to have Kristal as his nurse and also as his closest friend.

" So... Care to talk about it?"

" Krystal we have an emergency at room 12. " one of her colleagues shouted rushing quickly in a room.

" Sorry, I..." she sighed but the boy cut her off.

" Room 76 right? " he smiled.

" Like always. Thanks. " she hugged him and rushed through the mass of people. " and don't forget dinner at 7 at the canteen! " she shouted from the distance.

The boy giggled and stepped in pressing the button for the 5th floor. He guessed he had to tell her, eventually. Plus it wasn't such a big deal, it didn't seem like a big deal. But what if she was right... what if he was in...

" No. Definitely not. That can't be" he shook his head and took a piece of white paper from his pocked.

" 129."

After his usual check-up and his mother's pleading to the doctor that it would be better if he would stay in the hospital for further observation.

" I'm aware of your concern, but what he needs is fresh air and a more peaceful atmosphere. "

" But what if this happens again, what if next time he starts spilling..."

" It will happen. " the doctor said. " It doesn't quite matter if he is here or at home. It will happen again. It can't be prevented and we don't know either when exactly it will happen. "

" But at least he will be here... " his mother tried to protest.

" Listen. We can keep your son here. But that will probably mean to add depression on his medical list too. Do you want to take the risk?" he said blinking at the boy and he smiled.

The doctor always knew how to deceive his mother, although her intentions were for his own good. It wouldn't have made any difference if he was here or at home. Both places had that kind of dense atmosphere that he couldn't stand. Here everyone was rushing up and down, it was noisy and hectic. As for his home, everything was too quiet, everything was meant to look too perfect, too safe, as if he was on the edge of death. Everyone treated him too well, no one dared to shout at him, like he was some kind of fragile porcelain doll that would break at the tiniest scratch. And because of that eerie silence that everyone kept at home he preferred to stay in the park, where no one knew him. Even so, the elder people greeted him with a smile every morning. Would tell him stories about their childhood, about the changes in their life, and he would sit quietly and listen. They never asked for his name and neither did the boy.

" Soooo.... " Krystal began at the canteen placing her plate on the table." How did the check-up go?"

" Nothing new, nothing special." he mumbled eating his steamed vegetables.

" So your mom threw a fit again, huh?" she shove a spoon full of smashed potatoes in her mouth.

" Yup. Jinki had to stay another half an hour to convince her to discharge me. I still have to stay here another week though. "

" It sucks. "

" Tell me about it. " he rolled his eyes.

" So, are you going to tell me about what was disturbing you? "

" Thought you forgot." he sighed. He hated her memory sometimes.

" Never!" she said triumphantly rising her spoon, potatoes splashing all over the table.

" If you react like that when you don't know the problem..." he began throwing off the potatoes from his shirt. " ... then maybe it's better not to tell you. "

" Oh, come on, I'll stay still. "

" Ok" he sighed. " You know Mrs. Choi right?

" Sure I do. That woman sure has a pretty amazing imagination. I like her. She have me a lot of movies to watch. I never thought I could enjoy an anime again. I don't know how I missed Totoro. It made me feel like a child again."

" Your rambling again. " he giggled. " And I know you'll continue this until the canteen closes. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing because then you still won't find anything from me."

" Sorry... So what's up with her?"

" Umm.." the boy moved in his seat. "You saw the guy that was in her room right? That big, tall..."

" Minho. " she cut him off. " He's her son, around your age too. " then she realized and her eyes started glowing. " Now I see..  my little Minnie has a crush! Aww, it was about time you little furr ball. " she cupped his cheeks.

" Aish, stop that Krystal. " he shoved her hand from his face. " I don't have a crush on that keroro guy, he even squished me and gave me some ugly bruises..."

" He did what? he shouted, but she wasn't displeased, and to that the boy wasn't satisfied, she was more like excited to hear the story. Maybe I should've shut my mouth. " What did you do Minnie? My little Minnie is growing, awwww. Did he hurt you?"

" What are you thinking for God's sake! I didn't do anything he just crashed on me like a big dinosaur he is, and a blind owl also. He hit me to the ground and we started yelling at each other. End of story. "

" Wasn't there something more?" she asked with a all-knwoinng voice. " Like you know..."

" Krystal.. I swear I'm going to paint your hair blue one of these days when your sleeping. "

" I wouldn't mind. I would look good in blue too. " she said happily. " Now back to you. What happened after? Did he took you at a cafe? Did he wanted to meet again? " Did he propose..."

" I really don't know from where do you get all these ideas. " he shook his head disappointed. " Nothing happened. He run away to who know's where and I returned to my bench. "

" That's boring." she puffed. " You should've at least kiss or something. "

" Just shut up and eat." he shoved a spoon of his food in her mouth.

" Mom I'm going out" the skinny boy shouted startling her mom with the noise made.
" I would prefer if you would stay in the house for the rest of the day sweetheart. It's already 5 and it's going to be dark soon. What do you say if we watch a movie?"
He loved his mom, he really did, but she was too overprotective. She had her reasons though, but sometimes he hoped that she will start living again, she stopped doing many things because of him and somehow he felt responsible for the state his mother was in, he was sorry for what she had to put up through.

" Ok mom. I'll stay." he sighed dragging his feet to the living room.

The days began to be rainy and chilly. Almost all the leafs had fallen from the trees and the scenery became cold and obnoxious to everyone. No one liked to stay outside anymore.

" Hi mom. " Minho greeted coming in like a tornado.

" Hey. Late as always."

" Sorry, I had some things to do and..."

" You know, you could tell me if you have a girlfriend... I would love to meet her. " she cut him, even so she didn't rose her head, wanting to finish her task first.

" I don't mom. I was just in the park..."

" See... I told you mommy, Minho has a crush." the little girl said excited, jumping up and down. " You know that old park a street away from our house? He's always staying there before school and after... and he has that look in his eyes that he's expecting someone. But I never saw anybody " she finished, sighing.

" You were spying on me little rabbit" Minho approached, grabbing her tiny waist and started to tickle her.

When they finished their fight, Minho didn't saw when she pulled something from his jacket.

" Ha! And you said that you didn't have a girlfriend. Then what's this?!" she said triumphantly shaking in the air the white paper crane that Minho was caring in his jacket since he found it on the bench. He wanted to give it back, so he kept it, like a memory, a good luck charm. For some reason he was determinate to meet that person again.

" Waaa, it looks so pretty. " his mother complimented taking it from his daughter." The old park you said huh? " his mother started giggling. " I understand now..."

" Mom it looks like one of his cranes... " she began but her mother shushed her trowing her gaze at Minho who was looking at them not understand anything. What did they found so fascinating at a crane? It was just a paper crane, nothing else, or a goose. It still looked like a goose to Minho.

" Are you conspiring against me or something? "

" No, of course not. " his mother said with a smile that Minho knew it didn't predict anything good. " You can leave."

" You know something I don't know."

" No, I don't. " her response was quick. " Now go."

" But, I just arrived."

" You're not going to meet whom you want here. Now go. The rain stopped. Go, or I'll kick you out."

" You're evil you know that."

" Some way to compliment your mother. " she said jokingly.

It didn't look like time passed or that it was passing in this exact moment, because... as strange as it may seem the scenery looked exactly the same as a month ago. Maybe it was after all a place created by gods whom forgot about it, but the park as the humans called it, didn't forget about them. The boy liked to believe in that. That he had found a place that wasn't neither heaven nor hell, it was like a little island, isolated by the real world but at the same time it was in the center of the world. That he was the one who woke the garden up when he came in the morning, making the leafs stutter grumbling because they wanted to sleep a little more and the wind who had to do his job and pick up all the leafs and make the park tidy and clean.

He didn't had to do much in the autumn and didn't had with whom to talk to. The doves had flown at the ending of August, with their snow white wings and feathers that scattered all over the place. How affectionate they were when they used to fly on the little boy's head stroking his hair and trying their best to make him smile, they used to sing for him as a thank you gift when he fed them. But there was one that the little boy got attached to. He named her Bell.
He found her sitting on his bench one morning with a dozen other doves around her that were making noise and flipping their wings. She had a little scratch on her left wing and also a little bell tied on a red ribbon, which made her long white neck to look so beautiful.

She resembled an angel. Doves always reminded the little boy of angels. There were times when he found that resemblance stupid and very unrealistic but when he returned home, he preferred to believe in it. Even if it was a lie, he wanted to believe, because those small white birds gave him hope.
They were also the symbol of freedom, gathering everyone's wishes, dreams and grief. They stretched their wings and flew to the sky. Taemin didn't know where, but he loved to imagine they they were the messengers of the Gods that still looked upon their world and wanted to help humanity.
Even if it seems like a lie to you, that's what he thought about those simple birds, and that's what his life consisted of... dreaming.
And maybe it was for the best, because we actually tend to forget about what real happiness consists of.

He thought he heard the cicadas with their acute high notes, their intoxicating music that sounded like a beautiful piece of vals. Closing his eyes he saw birds, little cute bugs, butterflies, and the trees that looked more expressive, happier, alive. He saw that summer... his last summer, as he decided.
Because he was caught in his memories the rough thump didn't make it's way to his ears. Someone stopped in front of him. Heavy breathing and a sweaty shirt, attention completely fixed on the boy from the bench.

" Where have you been this whole month?" he began desperate almost, then he realized that wasn't the best way to start a conversation with someone he barely knew.

The boy woke up from his daydreaming and opened his eyes surprised to see Minho standing in front of him.

" What are you doing here?" shock could be read on his face.

" Looking for the faerys" he said sarcastically." I've been waiting for you this whole month. Where have you been? "

He didn't understand at all the question. He looked at the tall boy and opened his mouth, tried to say something but no words come out.
" His been here a whole month? Since... that day?''
He lost himself for a couple of minutes until Minho started shaking his shoulder and asking if he was alright. He inhaled and exhaled and tried to regain his self again.

" What good would it be if you knew where I was? And why did you even wait for me in the first place?"

" Glad to see you again too. " Minho replied, smiling, taking a seat of the bench.

" I didn't give you permission to take a seat." he said puffing his cheeks like a little child.

" It's a public place, I didn't thought I had to ask for your permission."

" It's not a public place. It's a place that was created by Gods,whom everyone forgot about. And you stumble in like this... yah! I'm serious!"

" Suuuure . I didn't disapproved at all" he said with a wide smile, almost laughing. Minho ruffled his hair. " By the way, what's your name? I've been asking the elder's that came here if they knew anything about you, but besides the fact that you came here daily they didn't know too much either.

" Why where you here?" he asked ignoring the question. His voice was ice cold but his fingers started trembling as he continued on his task not daring to look at the older male beside him.

" I wanted to apologize." a change of tonalities could be sensed, he seemed more mature. " I'm sorry for what happened that day. I wasn't myself. And I'm deeply sorry. I was a jerk." he sighed.

" Mission accomplished. Now you can leave." He wasn't touched at all about those words, his tone was heartless.

" Sorry if I bothered you or anything. I thought maybe we could... talk." he said completely disappointed in the stranger's reply.

" No, I don't want to talk. I don't even know you." but that was a lie, it was such a big lie because he knew him. His beautiful smiles, and laughter that filled his empty heart, the kindness that he showed to his mother. He knew him because all this time he watched him, behind the blurry glass. He was like a ray of sunshine in that hectic crawded place full of people that were too dull to be able to show a real smile again.
" Why did you came to apologize to someone who you don't even know and could've forgotten you? he smiled bitterly while his hands where still shacking. " You just wanted a clean conscience, didn't you? It would be bad for your reputation if people presumed wrong things about you. You're a real Saint aren't you? Staying here day by day because of your sin that tears you apart. "

" I didn't do it because of..." Minho began but was cut off.

" Well, I forget you. Now you're free. You don't have to come here again. You don't have to look for me again. " he ended and a tear dropped on the crane.
This was stupid, why was he even crying over such a tiny matter?

" I didn't want you to presume wrong things about me. It looks like it's too late, you already did. If that's what you think then it's better if I'll leave you alone. This goose chase will finally stop. " he said rising from the bench , eyes full of regret and grief.

" What did I just said? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Say something already, he came here for you and you're still bitching around?"

" I'm.. Taemin by the way.Minho right?" he looked up for the first time uncertain of what to expect, wiping the tears from the corner of his eye.

" How did you...? Minho looked at him surprised that he knew his name.

" I have my ways" Taemin said sheepishly. " Maybe I would tell you but you said you wouldn't come here anymore right? Too bad." he grinned.

" You where the one who said that... and now you're... ah, you little! Minho was stunned, speechless and amazed so he started tickling Taemin until the latter gave up.


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